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Monday, 23 November 2020

Vaccinations will begin in December in the US, Germany and Britain; 13 thousand cases and 475 deaths in one day in Iran

Corona Abroad: Vaccinations will begin in December in the US, Germany and Britain; 13 thousand cases and 475 deaths in one day in Iran

Doctors leaving Jackson Memorial Hospital in Florida on Sunday. Preparations for vaccination have been completed in this hospital.

More than 5.89 crore infected, 13.93 lakh people died and 4.75 crore people recovered in the world
The number of infected people in the United States is more than 1.25 million, with 2.62 million deaths so far

Worldwide, more than 5.89 million people have been infected so far, with 4.07 million recovering and 13.93 million dying. There are now 1.68 crore patients undergoing treatment, i.e. active cases, according to the website. 

There is good news for the country of the world waiting for the vaccine. The vaccine is expected to arrive soon in the United States, Germany and Britain. According to these countries, vaccination will be officially launched in December.

The German health minister has also confirmed this and the vaccination will start in his country from December.

Since December 11, the United
States has been in the first place in terms of vaccination transition and death. There is good news for the people here and for Joe Biden's new government. The first person in the United States will be vaccinated on December 11, said Monsef Saloi, head of the US Covid-19 vaccine task force, in an interview with CNN. We are working to ensure that as soon as the FDA approves the vaccine, we will begin work on it, for which all preparations have been completed first. I hope we get approval by December 11 or 12. The states have also completed all the preparations for this.
An important meeting of the FDA is going to be held on December 10 in the United States. It is believed that the agency will approve the vaccine on this day.

Spain to start vaccination in January
Spain's PM Pedro Sanchez said on Sunday that vaccination work in the country would begin in January.  We are assuming that vaccinations will start in the country in January and the whole country will be given the dose in three months. Spain and Germany will be the first countries in Europe to have a complete vaccination. A total of 13 thousand vaccination points have been set up in the country.

US government has appealed to people to refrain from traveling on Thanksgiving weekend, but the government's appeal has had no effect. According to CNN, millions of people are preparing to go on the long drive. This can spread the virus quickly. Another risk is the lack of hospital beds. The situation is getting out of hand here already.

The situation in Iran is out of
control. More than 13,000 cases were reported in Iran on Sunday. Even more disturbing is the fact that 475 people died during this period. The health ministry confirmed the figures in a statement. The government says it has taken strict action on their behalf, but the people must also understand their responsibility. 

On the other hand, the Iranian government is approaching some countries to get the vaccine. In recent days, there have been reports that Iranian government officials have visited China and talked about buying vaccines from there. However, no official information has been given about this.

A doctor on duty at a hospital in Tehran. In Iran, the government has cracked down. Yet cases are on the rise here. McShift Hospitals are being set up in many cities, as the number of patients is increasing (file).

death toll in the Latin American country of Mexico has risen to 100,000 in a single day. A total of 719 infected people died in the country on Saturday. There are about one lakh 26 thousand infected people in the country at present. According to government officials, the actual number of infected could be much higher than this, as there is still no testing and other facilities in the remote area.

Corona's impressed top-10 country status


Spain1,589,21942,619Not available
UK1,512,04555,024Not available

The statistics are as per the website

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