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Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Upcoming:LG files patent for laptop with 17-inch rollable screen, keyboard and touchpad

Its rollable screen will range from a 13.3-inch screen to a 17-inch one

South Korean tech company LG is working on a laptop with a rollable display.  Laptops also have a foldable keyboard and touchpad. LG has already launched devices with rollable screens.

According to a report by Root My Galaxy, LG has filed a patent for a laptop with a robust screen. Its rollable screen will range from 13.3 inches to 17 inches. It will give a soundbar or stick-like look after the roll. It will have a side power button. In a normal laptop the power button is found in its keyboard.

You will get a screen without support

The screen of this laptop does not take any kind of support even after it is rolled. That means it will stand without any stand or keyboard support. It does not currently have a webcam.
The company is also offering a rollable keyboard and touchpad with this laptop. These two will be attached in half of it.

Oppo to launch a smartphone with a rollable screen Oppo unveils a smartphone with a rollable screen at its Oppo Eno Day 2020 event. The company has named the smartphone with a rollable OLED screen Oppo X 2021. This phone can be rolled from both sides. This will transform a smartphone with a smaller screen into a larger tablet. Normally its screen size will be 6.7 inches. Oppo has used a motor powertrain, which increases the screen size by 7.4 inches. The phone comes with a USB Type C port and speaker grille.

LG launches rollable screen TV
this year LG launched rollable TV in October this year. It is priced at Rs 64 lakh. Its name is LG Signature OLED R. The TV was introduced during a custom electronics show in the United States.

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