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Friday, 27 November 2020

Uday Sivananda Kovid Hospital fire

Uday Sivananda Kovid Hospital fire:CM Rupani lamented that 5 patients of Corona were burnt in the fire of ICU ward, ACS a. That. Rakesh was assigned to investigate

The Chief Minister expressed his condolences to the patients killed at Kovid Hospital in Rajkot.

Announced Rs 4 lakh assistance to the heirs of each patient who lost their life in the fire accident
The fire, which broke out at midnight, was followed by screams from Koro's patients

Five people were killed in a late night fire at Uday Shivanand Kovid Hospital near Anand Bangla Chowk in Rajkot. The then Chief Minister Vijay Rupani expressed his condolences to the patients who died in the fire accident at Uday Sivananda Kovid Hospital, as well as Additional Chief Secretary of the Panchayat and Rural Housing Department A.S. That. Handed over to Rakesh. It has announced assistance of Rs 4 lakh to the heirs of each patient who lost their lives in the fire accident.

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Patients shifted to another hospital A
total of 33 patients from Corona were being treated at this private hospital. The other rescued patients have been shifted to another hospital. The police commissioner and the mayor rushed to the spot following the incident. In this case, Police Commissioner Manoj Agarwal told DivyaBhaskar that this is a very sad incident. The CM is in constant touch with us. Action will be taken against anyone responsible.

first call to the fire brigade was made at 12.20 midnight, a fire brigade official said. It may be mentioned that 5 patients were burnt to death in a fire at Kovid Hospital. However, not a single MLA, including the Rajkot city collector, was knocked out.

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Fire Timeline: At 12.15 pm, a fire broke out due to a short circuit in the machine of the ICU department. At 12.20 a.m. the fire brigade team received its first call to fire. At 12.30 pm there was a boom in the ward and plumes of smoke began to billow. At 12.35 pm, staff including doctors rushed from the hospital and tried to rescue the patients by breaking the window glass. At 12.45 pm a convoy of fire brigade arrived at the scene. At 1.00 pm 11 patients were rescued, 3 patients died. At 1.15pm 2 more patients with severe burns died, bringing the death toll to 5. At 1.30 pm, officials including the Municipal Commissioner, Commissioner of Police, DCP reached the spot.

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