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Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Thrill all day today! The result of Bihar elections will be clear by 3 pm, the result of IPL at 12 pm

Change or repeat ?:Thrill all day today! The result of Bihar elections will be clear by 3 pm, the result of IPL at 12 pm

Tejaswi Yadav (top left) - Nitish Kumar (top right) and Rohit Sharma (bottom left) - Shreyas Iyer (bottom right) - File photo.
  • Bihar: Tejaswi, the second youngest CM or Nitish will form the government for the fourth time?
  • Today's IPL final match - sometimes the brightest team Delhi will win or Mumbai will be the champion for the 5th time

Bihar's mandate will come on Tuesday. If the grand coalition wins 122 seats, it will be the brightest CM. If this happens, he will become the second-youngest CM of the country. He turned 31 on Monday. Earlier in Puducherry, MO Farooq became the CM in 1967 at the age of 30. He used to play cricket before entering politics. He has been in the Delhi team of IPL.

  • If the exit polls prove to be true, Tejaswi will be among the select leaders who have held the CM post like his father, but if Nitish Kumar succeeds in saving the government, he will be the first leader to become the CM of Bihar.
  • The results of the by-elections for 8 seats in Gujarat and 54 seats in 10 states, including Madhya Pradesh, will be released on Tuesday. Most eyes are on Madhya Pradesh's 28 seats. He needs to win 8 seats to stay in power.

  • Read in Gujarati news 

The real
match between Mumbai's batting and Delhi's bowling will be the IPL final between Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals on Tuesday. Mumbai's strength is middle order and fast bowlers. Delhi, on the other hand, are in trouble in the middle, but Dhawan, Rabada and Stoinis are their backbone. The real confrontation will be between Mumbai's batting and Delhi's bowling.

  • Mumbai have won 4 of the 5 finals they have played so far in the IPL. This is Delhi's first final.
  • Mumbai have won all four finals by batting first. He lost in 2010 while chasing Target.
  • Mumbai have won three matches between Mumbai and Delhi. This includes 5 wickets, 9 wickets and 57 runs victory, so Mumbai's pallu is considered heavy.
  • Rabada has 29 wickets. With 4 wickets, he will become the highest wicket-taker in a season.

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