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Saturday, 28 November 2020

The story of a couple who returned from the US and started a food truck business in India, earning an annual income of Rs 1.5 crore.

Today's Positive Story: The story of a couple who returned from the US and started a food truck business in India, earning an annual income of Rs 1.5 crore.

Satya and Jyoti, who were working in the US, had a passion for starting their own business, starting in 2012 with a food truck.
Sells South Indian food, employs 20 people today, extends work from Delhi to Gurugram

Satya and Jyoti lived in the US. Satya was working in the e-commerce sector there, Jyoti was also in the job. The two returned to India a few years later. His intention was to start his own food business. He started the business not with a big restaurant-hotel, but with a food truck. Today they have three food trucks and an annual turnover of one and a half crore. Also giving jobs to twenty people. Satya shared with us the full story of her business.

Went to US to do Masters, learned value of money there went to US to
do Masters after Engineering. Took a little loan for study expenses, thought of managing some money by doing a part time job there. After arriving in the US I saw that there we have to do all our work ourselves. There are no parents, no relatives and the same thing that makes us understand life. Understand the value of money.

I was also learning all this from a part-time job with study. Then I started working in the e-commerce sector. Then we met Jyoti and we got married in 2008. After the wedding we returned to India. Jyoti's father is a businessman. They work in the logistics sector, so Jyoti had a good understanding of transport, bus-truck.

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There were no shops around the office, that's where Idea
came from. After coming to India, the office of the company he was working for was in Okhla. There was nothing to eat or drink around. The South Indian was not far away. 

Seeing all that, Jyoti thought that when we start work, we will do it from here. After doing a lot of research we decided to start our own food truck, as there was not much investment and no big risk. He also thought earlier that he would keep South Indian food.

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In 2012 we launched the first food truck as an experiment. Buy a second hand truck. Picked it up from the inside. Found a good chef by giving advertisements in newspapers and started working. He installed a food truck in Okhla and kept only South Indian food in it. From day one, our business started to run well. Most of the offices were where we parked the truck. People came to eat and drink, but after two months the business went downhill, as some offices closed there and some people left their jobs.

Didn't understand why to increase the number of customers.
Now we didn't understand how to get new customers. Meanwhile, I was working when Jyoti quit her job and was focusing on full time business. This went on for a few days. Then send us our Mentor S. L. Ganapati advised that 'you have no hotel or restaurant. If you have a food truck, if customers don't come to you, you go to customers. ' Following his advice, we arrived at his apartment one Sunday with a food truck. Within three hours all our items were sold out.

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Now we understand how to engage people with our product. Along with this I also adopted many other strategies, but I don’t want to disclose that here. We were serving delicious food like home in our food truck. They were giving items like Rava Dhosa, Tomato Onion Uttapam, Menduvada, Filter Coffee, Malabar Paratha. This is not easily found in Delhi and we had a specialty in it, as we are South Indians.

From 2012 to 2014, our business was running smoothly. If the people of the house also got involved in it, everyone would get help. I also quit my job in 2014, as the business needed to be given more time to grow. In 2014 alone we bought more of a food truck. Now we had two trucks. We also explored new areas for business, such as caterers in Delhi taking orders for big parties, but no one taking orders for smaller parties. We also started taking party orders with up to 30 people. It also boosted our customer base and revenue. Gradually began offering services in weddings and even incorporates.

Now we have three food trucks. We are hiring 20 people. We are providing services from Delhi to Gurgaon. We will soon spread our work to Noida. Turnover reached Rs 1.5 crore in the last financial year. In the lockdown when people were afraid to eat out we started taking orders of snacks and also packing and delivering it. All I want to say to those who want to get into business is that if you don't get success many times in the beginning, don't panic and stop working, but stick to what you think. You will find the success you need.

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