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Monday, 2 November 2020

The future of the October 2 issue

The future of the October 2 issue: Monday's fate will be issue 8, this day issue 2 and 7 will have a conflicting alliance

Numerologist Dr. According to Kumar Ganesh, today's lucky number is 8. Know what your day will be like?

Today's Issue: - Original Issue: - 2 Fate Issue: - 8 Day Issue: -2, 7 Month Issue: -2 Chilat Issue: - 9

Today's special alliance: - Contradictory alliance in issue 2-7. Friend alliance with issue 2-7 of issue 8 and opposition alliance with issue 2-7 of issue 9 and friend alliance with issue 8.

Issue: -1

Avoiding stressful situations in marriage. If you participate in social planning, express the reaction of the people instinctively.

What to do: - Pay special homage to the parents.

Auspicious number: 4

Auspicious color: - Blue


Issue: -2

Preserve what is at hand. Excessive running can lead to loss.

What to do: - Offer dry rice to Lord Ganesha

Auspicious number: 5

Auspicious color: Green


Issue: -3

Good collaboration can be found with friends and close relatives. The desired work can be accomplished. Enthusiasm will be high.

What to do: - Eat yellow juicy sweets.

Auspicious number: 6

Auspicious color: - Cream


Issue: -4

Time for women judicial officers can prove to be a party. Time can be beneficial for excavation executives.

What to do: - Recite Bajrang Baan

Auspicious number: 9

Auspicious color: Red


Issue: -5

The timing is favorable for men and women of the female issue working abroad. Readymade garments will be a matter of benefit to those who work.

What to do: - Give bread to the crows.

Auspicious number: 7

Auspicious color: - Purple


Issue: -6

Work done in partnership can tweak. 

What to do: - Mix sugar in water and give Arghya to Suryadev.

Auspicious number: 1

Auspicious color: - Golden

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Issue: -7

The coalition government could be tweaked. Avoid getting confused with people who work with you.

What to do: - Apply black sesame oil to Shanidev

Auspicious number: 8

Auspicious color: Black


Issue: -8

Long distance travel can occur. Collaboration with close people can be a remarkable task.

What to do: - Recite Gajendra Moksha

Auspicious number: 3

Auspicious color: - Yellow

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Issue: -9

Time will be normal for a woman officer. Headaches can be irritating.

What to do: - Recite Devi Kavach

Auspicious number: 2

Auspicious color: - White

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