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Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Tarot horoscope

Tarot horoscope:Tuesday will be auspicious for Gemini people according to THE CHARIOT card, going on a trip with family

Find out what today will be like for you on Tuesday, November 17, according to Tarot Cards, from astrologer Pranita Deshmukh.

You have to focus on work and ambition. Don't make decisions by listening to other people. No one can trap you in money transactions. A relative can take advantage of you. Be careful before making any transaction.

Career: As your workload increases, you will become more serious and strive to achieve the goal.
Love: Do n't try to turn a new acquaintance into a relationship right away.
Health: Tension can be felt in the back and leg muscles.
Auspicious color: Green
Auspicious number: 8
You will find success if you follow in your father's footsteps . Your ambition to carry on the business raised by the father will be fulfilled. The start of the day will be a little difficult. You will also remove it.

Career: Go ahead with the advice of an experienced person in the business.
Love: Don't be rude to your partner. Explain with love if they make a mistake.
Health: Vitamin deficiency in the body can cause fatigue.
Auspicious Color: Maroon
Auspicious Number : 3
Gemini THE CHARIOT Going
on a trip with the family is becoming yoga. You will find joy and reconciliation through this journey. Spending time with family will give you joy. Keep trying even if the work trip is not successful.

Career: Young people have the opportunity to find work abroad.
Love: There may be differences at the beginning of the relationship but even then the relationship will be good.
Health: Women can be bothered by health related problems.
Auspicious color: Yellow
Auspicious number: 4
Your work may be interrupted. Don’t let your attention wander. Work harder by making changes in your efforts to achieve material happiness. Bring change within yourself.

Career: A change in health will affect your work.
Love: There will be a delay in the decision regarding marriage.
Health: Lack of immunity can lead to viral fever and fatigue.
Auspicious color: Orange
Auspicious number: 1
Your day will start with some good news. Efforts will find success. There may be some good news from the family. Old quarrels and court cases will be settled.

Career: Career success.
Love: Try to forget the differences and make a fresh start.
Health: The changing environment can cause colds and coughs.
Auspicious Color: Blue Auspicious Number
: 7
------------ Girls :
Students will progress in the field of education. Your relationship with your family will be much better. Parents will be happy because of your progress. Some students will also have the opportunity to work with the study.

Career: Will be appreciated by your boss.
Love: Unmarried people are more likely to get married suddenly.
Health: Hair related problems can increase.
Auspicious Color: White
Auspicious Number: 3

Today there will be a flurry of guests at home all day. Spending time with friends, family and relatives will bring you happiness. Attempts by relatives to complete certain tasks may be successful. Especially when it comes to property.

Career: The work pressure of real estate related people will increase. Ongoing work can be of great benefit in the near future.
Love: You will get a surprise from your partner.
Health: Acupressure can help you get rid of many ailments.
Auspicious Color: Yellow
Auspicious Number: 1

The grip of women on both the home family and the workplace will remain strong. Decisions made by women will be beneficial for all. Anxiety about the future of children can haunt parents. If you are considering a new property, it would be beneficial for you to have a housewife with you at the time of property registration.
Career: Your attempt to end the politics of the workplace will be successful.
Love: Don't let the ongoing conflicts in the relationship reach the people in the house.
Health: Excessive fatigue can cause nausea.
Auspicious Color: Red
Auspicious Number: 5

You may be offended by a decision made by family members. Your stubborn nature will lead to arguments that will hurt you and those around you. If you are trading in a partnership, do not use profanity when talking to your partner.

Career: You will feel uncomfortable because the expected big deal will not happen but this work will be completed soon.
Love: Your ego and stubbornness can break up a relationship.
Health: Weight gain can also increase physical discomfort.
Auspicious Color: Green
Auspicious Issue: 7
Capricorn: PAGE OF CUPS
Most of your time today will be spent learning spiritual things and improving your art. Taking a break from everyday work and prioritizing your hobby. Through your writing and art qualities you will be able to express the feelings that are pressed within you in the right direction.

Career: Young people can get a new job opportunity through a friend.
Love: There will be a positive change in the relationship.
Health: Children may have allergy related problems.
Auspicious color: Pink
Auspicious number: 9

Aquarius: DEATH
can increase your trouble regarding money. Every decision will prove to be wrong for the present situation. So avoid making important decisions today. You have to deal with mental instability and restlessness. Your growing suspicion of everyone can cause you mental distress.
Career: You will be under stress due to sudden dismissal .
Love: The partner will learn to move forward by forgiving each other's mistakes.
Health: Not paying attention to health can increase the problem.
Auspicious Color: Blue
Auspicious Number: 6
Money income will increase. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. As the financial situation improves you will be positive inside. Your desire to make life right and achieve progress in every aspect will be fulfilled.

Read in Gujarati news 
Career: Employed people will get bonus or overtime pay.
Love: The progress of the partner will make you happy.
Health: Back problems can occur.
Auspicious color: Gray
Auspicious number: 1

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