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Saturday, 7 November 2020

Surat is number one in the entire state in providing self-reliant loans, Rs. 444 crore was lent

Pagbhar Surat: Surat is number one in the entire state in providing self-reliant loans, Rs. 444 crore was lent

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  • Out of 42,832 loan applications in Surat in 5 months, Rs 510.47 crore was sanctioned
  • Suratis get maximum benefit from soon to be completed state government self-reliance scheme 1 and 2

Surat has been ranked No. 1 out of 33 cities and districts in Gujarat in providing loans of Rs. 1 lakh and 2.50 lakh under the soon to be completed State Government's Self-Reliance Schemes 1 and 2. The scheme, which started in May, has so far sanctioned loans worth Rs 510.47 crore out of 42,832 applications in Surat, out of which Rs 444.82 crore has been allotted to 39,128 applications.

The state government announced a self-sufficient loan scheme for home industries and the small working class during the lockdown. Out of which loan of Rs.1 lakh under scheme one and loan of Rs.2.50 lakh under scheme 2 was declared at 8% interest. Out of that, 6 per cent in scheme 1 and 4 per cent in scheme 2 are being given interest subsidy by the state government. In addition the benefit of the first 6 months moratorium is also given. A total of over 444 crore loans have been disbursed by 17 co-operative sector banks, 1 district bank and 50 credit co-operative societies in the city. Regarding this, District Registrar (Co-operative) Vipul Mehta said that Surat is at No. 1 in 33 cities in the state and in the district in giving self-sufficient loans. The government's plan was for small traders and artisans to set foot quickly after Koro, which has received a good response in Surat city and district.

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According to information received from Surat District Registrar, Surat is at No. 1 with approval of loan applications of over Rs. 510 crore, while Ahmedabad has so far sanctioned loan applications of Rs. Happens. The cities and districts with the lowest number of applications are Tapi, Narmada, Chhota Udepur, Devbhoomi Dwarka and Dangs.

Top-10 cities in self-help loan scheme

CitySectionThe loan amount is Rs.DisbursementThe loan amount is Rs.
Surat42,822510.47 crore39,128Rs 444.82 crore
Ahmedabad39,234497.40 crore36,580Rs 444.63 crore
Rajkot28,661374.27 crore25,865Rs.323.84 crore
Mehsana19,615195.48 crore19,014Rs 189.41 crore
Gandhinagar6,19367.78 crore5,843Rs 61.29 crore
Banaskantha5,60971.11 crore5,091Rs.63.87 crore
Kutch4,89582.51 crore4,341Rs.72.22 crore
Vadodara4,68160.17 crore4,290Rs.55.27 crore
Morbi4,40157.48 crore3,866Rs.48.29 crore
Patan4,32141.08 crore4,239Rs 40.26 crore

Bottom-5 city-district with lowest applications

CitySectionThe loan amount is Rs.DisbursementThe loan amount is Rs.
Tapi2481.81 crore1731.15 crore
Narmada191Rs.2.11 crore189Rs 2.08 crore
Chhota Udepur86Rs.47.50 lakhs86Rs.47.50 lakhs
Devbhoomi Dwarka9Rs.7.30 lakhs9Rs.7.30 lakhs
Dang5Rs.2.30 lakhs3Rs.1.50 lakhs

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