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Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Side effects of firecracker pollution

Side effects of firecracker pollution:In Gujarat, 55 per cent increase in cases of shortness of breath and 400 per cent increase in cases of burns during Diwali

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The state recorded 25 incidents of arson on Diwali day
Fireworks pollution can cause respiratory illness, eye irritation, allergies, hearing loss.

Corona cases have increased during the Diwali festival. At the same time, cases of shortness of breath caused by firecracker smoke have also increased. The state has recorded 25 incidents of arson on Diwali day. People who recovered from the corona infection had great difficulty breathing due to the smoke from the fireworks. In particular, 172 cases of fainting and dizziness were reported.

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 Such cases have increased by 22.86 per cent during the festival. On a normal day, 108 ambulances receive five calls in case of fire. In addition, 108 ambulances receive 335 calls on a typical day of shortness of breath. The incidence of shortness of breath in the state has increased by 55.51 per cent in a single day. On normal days, 123 calls of such cases are received by 108 ambulances, while 108 received 192 calls during the Diwali festival.

The number of such cases increased during the festival, with an increase of
8.33 per cent in stroke-paralysis cases. Cardiac cases have increased by 4 percent. The number of abdominal pain complaints has dropped by four per cent to 188 a day on a normal day, though Diwali had 180 cases, while the number of calls to 108 also increased from 27 to 59 per cent. The highest number of fire and scorching cases has been reported in Ahmedabad, 5 in Surat, 3 each in Kutch, Mahisagar, Amreli, Jamnagar, Junagadh, Navsari, Panchmahal.

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According to Professor SN Tripathi, Department of Civil Engineering , IIT Kanpur, we conducted an experiment on the pollution caused by fireworks during Diwali. It was found that the firecrackers exploded on the day of Diwali and the air remained bad for two-three days. During this the microscopic particles increase.

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What effect does bad air and fireworks have on health?
According to Uma Kumari, head doctor of the Rheumatology Department at AIIMS Delhi, there are many side effects of the pollution caused by fireworks. This can include respiratory illness, eye irritation, allergies, and hearing loss. There is also a risk of burn injury. Loud noises create fear in the minds of many people. Especially in young children. The sound of firecrackers also disturbs the animals. The pollution that occurs after a firecracker explodes is not destroyed all at once. The effect lasts for many days. It is cold now and the level of pollution is also high.

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