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Friday, 6 November 2020

Recession eclipse on fireworks sales

Recession eclipse on fireworks sales: Silence in Ahmedabad's firecracker market, fear of big losses, where customers are crowded, today traders have to call customers holding hands

There are about 35 wholesale shops in the Delhi Darwaza area, where traders have been seen waiting for customers during the Diwali festival this year.

Only one or two new types of photolite and firecracker-like fireworks came on the market

The Corona epidemic has robbed people of employment and health. Corona has been in Gujarat for more than 7 months and business and employment have also gone up. Not only that, despite the biggest festival days like Diwali, Ronak does not appear in the market. The Diwali festival starts with fireworks and shopping starts with Navratri and Sharad Poonam.

 Firecracker traders don’t even have time to tell some customers the price during this period, but this year the situation is quite the opposite. The Corona epidemic has caused a major recession in the fireworks market this year. In the market place where firecrackers are crowded in the Delhi Darwaza area of ​​Ahmedabad, if even one person is seen coming towards the firecracker shop today, the shopkeeper has to come and hold his hand and call him saying that there are good firecrackers here. Where there is no need to call the customer, today the traders have to ask him to come and take the fireworks.

Not a single customer appears due to the Corona epidemic.

40 per cent of the goods are completed 10 days ago, not even 10 per cent have been sold this year. Carries small firecrackers like small fulzars, kothi, lamps, cock bombs. Bigger fireworks sell less.

The fireworks market is likely to suffer huge losses.

Retailers also did not come to
buy fireworks, there is a possibility of a little trade in five days. No new goods have been bought this year, only one or two new fireworks have come in the market. Fireworks like photolite and morakala have arrived. 

The old goods which are for 12 months are the same goods currently used for Diwali. There is no demand in the market. Retailers have also not come this year to buy fireworks, so the fireworks market is likely to suffer huge losses. However, traders are expected to trade a little in the last five days and people will carry fireworks.

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Worse situation for lorries
There are about 35 wholesale shops in the Delhi Darwaza area, where traders have been seen waiting for customers during the Diwali festival this year. The firecracker market in other parts of the city also did not see any crowd of customers like every year. Even truckers selling unlicensed firecrackers are doing business to make a living by bringing in less firecrackers, but they also do not find customers.

Last year, 50 per cent of the stock was falling due to the
severe recession. According to firecracker traders, the price of firecrackers has gone up by 28 percent due to GST. Firecrackers start coming to the market from Sharad Poonam every year in the city and even before the Diwali festivities, 50-60 per cent of the traders 'stock is empty, but even on Diwali, more than 50 per cent of the traders' stock remained unsold. This year has seen the worst situation in the last ten years in the sale of fireworks.

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