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Monday, 23 November 2020

Petrol-diesel price hike in last four days, petrol price in Gujarat is Rs. 90 likely

price rise: Petrol-diesel price hike in the last four days, petrol price in Gujarat is Rs. 90 likely

Petrol price in the country is Rs. Over 90, the price in Maharashtra is Rs. 90.63 and diesel 80 in Jaipur

Petroleum companies have hiked petrol and diesel prices for the fourth day in a row. Today, diesel prices have gone up by 17 to 19 paise, while petrol prices have gone up by a maximum of 7 paise. With this increase, the price of petrol has crossed 90 in many cities of the country. In Gujarat, petrol price has gone up by 50 paise per liter and diesel by 90 paise per liter in the last four days. In Parbhani, Maharashtra, petrol costs Rs. 90.63 per liter, while diesel has crossed Rs. 80 in Jaipur. Earlier on Sunday, petrol prices were hiked by 8 paise and diesel by 19 paise per liter.

In Gujarat, petrol costs Rs. The
price of a liter of petrol has gone up to Rs. 78.97. According to the Petrol Pump Association, if the price hike continues, the price of petrol in Gujarat will go up by Rs. 90 per liter. Today, on Monday, the rate of diesel was Rs. 76.67 per liter.

Petrol-diesel prices in major cities of the country

CityPetrol (Rs / liter)Diesel (Rs / liter)

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Oil companies have started raising petrol and diesel prices from Friday, November 20. In these 4 days, petrol has gone up by 47 paise and diesel by 80 paise per liter. Petrol prices have been stable since November 22, while diesel prices have remained unchanged since October 2.

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