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Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Pattern Of US Election Interesting Information

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden are in the fray. Only time will tell whether Trump wins or Biden wins.

 However, there are some important milestones in this journey to reach the White House. Here we are going to tell you about the five important camps.


You could call it the first round of the US presidential election. The Constitution is silent on this matter. It is organized by parties and state governments The leader nominates from his own party. 

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It is later stamped by the people there.  Only members vote in the secret ballot and in the open ballot people can vote directly. These people choose a delegate of their own.

 These delegates nominate the Presidential Candidate to the Party Convention. Then there are primary elections in 44 states. 


The state government has no role. The parties decide the rules and the electorate. The ballot is not used to elect delegates here. Party members elect one of the many candidates by raising their hands.


In simple words, you can call it a party convention. Party delegates can take part in it, i.e. these people are elected from primaries or caucuses. 

Popular vote

In America, voters first elect electors. This makes it an electoral college. The Electoral College elects the President. The question is what is a popular vote? Let's understand it directly. The people i.e. the electorate elects their representative elector. 

In 2016, Trump received 62,984,825 (46.4% votes) and Hillary received 65,853,516 (48.5% votes). Hillary was the first choice of the people. However, the electoral vote gave Trump victory.

You will get all the information from the given Gujarati link and share it with more and more people.

Read the American election system in Gujarati here

Electoral College

There is a lot of discussion on this. Some people have started calling it wrong. 538 electors are elected in 50 states by popular vote. This makes it an electoral college. 270 electoral college votes are needed to become president.

 Each state will have as many electors as there are MPs elected for both houses. There are 55 in California and only 3 in Wyoming. The figure for Hillary was reduced to 232. She lost the election.

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