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Tuesday, 3 November 2020


India's Election Commission, New Delhi's 7/08/2020 letter numbers: 23/202109 - ERS from the terms of the eligibility of the eligibility of the eligibility, the special brief improvement program has been declared Saturday, the quantity of 11/08/20 and 2020 and the espionage of voting, a special brief reform program of voting in the 11/09/2020, has given detailed instructions about 2021.

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 To accept forms by the Designed Officer on a special campaign, checking the details of voters from the draft, checking the drafting of the baby, if there is an error, and reported through the supervisor in the evening supervisor at the end of each special campaign.

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 This day, taking continuous interviews of every location under the supervisor will be supervised and guidelines and presenting the ERO / AERO of each part of the evening. 1. 2. 3. Phone No.: MCC: 23257086, Sveeep - 23255746 CompP. Cell - 23257494, FAX: 23257090 TRAINING - 2325745 Expenditure - 23255742 Budget - 23257420 5. District Election Officer, the voter registration officer, and assistant voter registration officer will have to visit the random (random) visited locations.

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