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Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Madhya Pradesh Assembly By election Result 2020

The 28 seats in the Madhya Pradesh by-elections are important not only to save the BJP government, but also to determine the political future of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, former Chief Minister Kamal Nath, and Rajya Sabha member Jyotiraditya Scindia.

 The number of seats will determine whether Scindia's strength in the BJP will increase or decrease? 

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The BJP just needs 8 seats to save the Shivraj government. The reason is clear, only the figure of 20 to 25 seats can give a permanent government to Madhya Pradesh, otherwise it will have to face pressure from outsiders.

The results of the by-elections are going to have the biggest impact on the former ministers who left the Congress and joined the BJP along with Scindia. Mainly Tulsi Silawat, Govind Singh Rajput, Imrati Devi, Pradyumna Singh Tomar, Dr. The political careers of Prabhuram Chaudhary and Rajyavardhan Singh Dattigaon are at stake. If these people lose the elections, it will be difficult for them to get tickets from the BJP in future. The BJP will also have an argument that how can a ticket be given to a loser? Their relationship with the Congress is over. In such a case, it will be difficult for them to stand politically.

. However, getting at least 21 seats will make it possible for the Congress to return to power, but for a self-reliant government, the Congress is also relying on magical figures.  Similarly, Kamal Nath's political future will also be decided.

If seats are reduced, there is a risk of buying and selling; BSP-SP, demand for independents will increase

If either of the two major parties gets less than the majority of seats, then the possibility of buying and selling of MLAs cannot be ruled out. Both parties need big figures. The BJP for a permanent government and the Congress for a majority. 

Congress needs at least 21 seats to return to the government. In such a case, Congress can come to power with 2 BSP, 1 SP, and 4 independent MLAs. Keeping in view the possibility of such a situation, the BJP has prepared Plan B, under which Minister Bhupendra Singh met BSP MLAs Sanjeev Kushwaha and Rambai, independents Surendra Singh Shera and Narayan Tripathi. The BJP is fielding these MLAs before the result also because Kamal Nath had formed the government on their own. 

14 ministers in 28 seats

The fate of 14 ministers of the Shivraj government (Tulsi Silawat and Govind Singh Rajput have resigned) is also to be decided on November 10. Experts believe that if the minister faces defeat, his path in the BJP will not be easy. It can also be inferred that earlier Chaudhary Rakesh Singh and Premchand Guddu had to return to the Congress to save their political future.

Politics is a game of chance. It has the names of senior MLAs like Rampal Singh, Sanjay Pathak and Rajendra Shukla. 

There are a total of 230 seats in the Assembly.  Now the number of MLAs is reduced to 229. The current assembly has 201 members. It has 107 independent MLAs from BJP, 87 from Congress, 2 from BSP, 1 from SP, and 4 independent MLAs. A majority will require 115 MLAs. 

The number of seats matters

If there are between 10 and 15 seats, then the organization will put more pressure on Shivraj to make decisions in the government.

Important link to view Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election Results:

Jyotiraditya Scindia: If BJP gets more than 20 seats, then Scindia will have a banging entry in the politics of the state once again and can emerge as a big leader in the BJP. 

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 The other aspect is that if they do not manage to form a government and get only 10 to 15 seats, then the pressure of the state president and the leader of the opposition to leave one post will increase.

MP by-elections are no less than an exam for Sachin Pilot. After the dispute with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in Rajasthan, the way Sachin Pilot had to leave the chair of Deputy Chief Minister and State President. In this case, in order to bring back his stature in the Congress, Madhya Pradesh

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