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Friday, 6 November 2020




1. Please CONFIRM the application on OJAS site to submit finally.
 2. Confirmation Number and First Wire in Print Call Letter option to the applicants
 Collecting / Hole will be found on the screen immediately.  Come and take the test
 3. Turn off POPUP Blocker Each report will appear in the New Window
 4. Set the A4 Size page in Printer Settings
 5. For IE 8 and later browsers, click Compatibility View Browser Text.

 6. OTP Use One Time Password wherever required hence you are requested to register your
 personal and correct mobile number.  O Online application to get OTP (One Time Password)
 Provide and use your correct mobile number while doing so.

 will be as per the detailed advertisement published on the Commission's website https: // gpsc and htps: // gpsc - ojas gujarat  -21 and 31 / 2020-91 advertisement will have 200 questions of 300 marks in the preliminary test related to the subject.  The final selection of candidates will be made on the basis of total marks by calculating 50% of the marks obtained out of 200 marks in the primary test and 50% of the marks obtained out of 100 marks in face to face interview.  

That is, 30-50% weightage will be given for the marks obtained from 200 and 130 marks of preliminary test and face-to-face interview respectively.  8% in the preliminary test in the above advertisements (for SC and ST candidates - among the above advertisements, advertisement numbers: 09, 16 / 2060-61 to 8 / 2020-91, 16, 20, 32 to 31/30, 40)  50 marks for the marks obtained out of 400 marks in the preliminary test in 20/2050-61 and candidates will not be considered for face to face interview).  Fifty percent weightage will be given.  In the preliminary test, 100 questions of 100 marks will be for general study and 200 questions of 200 marks will be for the related subject.  

(In the relevant advertisements, those who get less than 15% marks in the primary test - as per J. No. 2, 3, 4 and 31 to 5 / 2020-91 in the primary test, meet the qualification standard fixed by the commission and satisfy the provisions mentioned in the recruitment rules in the advertisement.  (Fifteen) times candidates will be given admission in the main written examination and then 05 (three) times candidates of the total posts coming in the qualification standard decided by the commission will be called for face to face interview.  

Out of the candidates appearing in the standard and satisfying the provisions mentioned in the recruitment rules, recruitment examination rules and advertisements, approximately 6 (six) times the total number of candidates will be admitted in the main written examination.  પ્રાથમિક Outline of the preliminary test for 2020-21 and 2 / 2020-21 to 30 / 2020-21: Question paper 100 questions of 100 marks of ge

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