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Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Govt to pay Rs 91 lakh per Vigha to farmers of 28 villages affected by bullet train in Navsari district

Massive returns: Govt to pay Rs 91 lakh per Vigha to farmers of 28 villages affected by bullet train in Navsari district

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Seal of approval to pay market price of Rs.900 per sq.m. in case of bullet train deviation

It has been learned that 700 farmers from 28 villages affected by bullet train in Navsari district have been compensated by the revenue department of the government at the market price of Rs. 900 per 1 sq.m. The feeling of happiness has spread as the demands of the affected farmers have been largely met. It is learned that the market price fixed in the meeting has been approved by the district evaluation committee appointed under the chairmanship of Navsari district collector.

The bullet train project, one of the most valuable projects of the government from Navsari district, has been eclipsed in Navsari district for some time now. The farmers had approached the government demanding a market price for the land going to the Bullet Train project. The farmers protested against the government and even threatened to stop the project in Navsari district.

Farmers rallied over the return of the bullet train project. As the bullet train was to pass through 28 villages in Navsari district, about 700 farmers had to give up their valuable land in the project. The Navsari District Bullet Train Affected Farmers Coordinating Committee was also formed to make a proper representation regarding the demands of the farmers in the government, with Vinod Chandra Desai (CA) as its convener. He met the farmers and made repeated representations to the government regarding the demands of the farmers, in which the MLAs of Navsari district also conveyed the matter to the Chief Minister justifying the demands of the farmers. Vinod Chandra Desai, convener of the Train Affected Farmers Coordinating Committee, informed that the decision has been taken by the government to provide relief to the farmers in this regard. Has come. The meeting approved a market price of Rs 900 per sq m, following which 700 farmers from 28 villages across Navsari district will get a compensation of Rs 91 lakh per 1 vigha (2378 sq m). Farmers are happy with the government's decision.

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Farmer's broad solution to the question of
introducing bullet train pugandhijina ways that farmers can not keep up a positive attitude in Navsari district court said Desai vinodacandra convener of the coordination committee of the affected farmers, but the government, not conflict, but also to integrate the approach to keep the issue of Navsari MP siarapatilane Was and is a pleasant solution today.

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