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Thursday, 12 November 2020

From Bluetooth LED bulbs to Bluetooth headphones and speakers, the best Diwali gifts for less than Rs.

Tech Buying Guide: From Bluetooth LED bulbs to Bluetooth headphones and speakers, the best Diwali gifts for less than Rs.

You can make Diwali memorable by giving gifts to your loved ones. Here are 5 gadgets that come in handy on many occasions. That is, they will always remember you whenever they use this gift. These gifts cater to the small needs of the people. Learn about these gifts ...

1. Xiaomi Smart LED Bulb

Price: Rs

If Diwali is a festival then it is necessary to talk about lights. On such a special occasion when the gift is attached to the light it is decided that the person in front will like it. Xiaomi's smart LED bulb is the best option for it. The special thing about this bulb is that it connects to the smartphone. He works with both Alexa and Google Assistant. You can change the color of its LED as per your requirement. It is a 10 watt bulb. The life of this bulb is 11 years.

2. OnePlus Bullet Wireless Earphones Price
: Rs

OnePlus Bullet Wireless Earphones is the best option for those you want to gift and love music. This connects to all types of smartphones. As well, it can listen to up to 10 hours of music on a 10 minute charge. The company says it offers a 20-hour backup after a full charge. It has an extra base for good sound quality. It also allows hands free calling.

3. Zebronics Bluetooth Speaker Price
: Rs

The Zebronics Zeb Country Bluetooth speaker is also the best option for music lovers. This portable speaker you can take with you anywhere. Kitty will put these four moons in the party. It can listen to music for up to 10 hours after charging for about 5 hours. It also has options like radio, micro SD, pen drive, Oaks with Bluetooth connectivity. 
4. Infinity JBL Bluetooth Headset
Price: Rs

Our next gift is for music lovers. The Infinity JBL Glide Bluetooth Headset is the best option for music lovers. It charges in just 2 hours, then you can listen to music for 20 hours. It has dual equalizer mode for better sound quality. Handsfree calling is also possible. Designed to be easy for the user.

5. USB Charging Hub
Price: Rs

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This is the best gift to give to those who have less USB port in their laptop. With the help of this hub you can connect up to 4 USB devices simultaneously in a laptop such as mouse, keyboard, pen drive, hard disk. You can use this USB hub in the power adapter of a normal charger as well as charge a smartphone, tablet or other USB device. Note: Each gadget is priced at an online platform. You can see the difference in their price on different websites.

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