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Thursday, 12 November 2020

Diwali returns higher than stock market in 10 years, price likely to touch 65,000 to 67,000 by next Diwali

Research Report: Diwali returns higher than stock market in 10 years, price likely to touch 65,000 to 67,000 by next Diwali

  • Attractive investment option in gold due to reduction in interest rates and global volatility

With gold prices skyrocketing, investors have run out of money. The last ten years have seen double the return on gold than on the stock market on Diwali. Gold has returned 159 per cent during the period. While the Nifty has returned 93 percent. Not only that, experts say that by next Diwali, the price of gold will be Rs. Are expected to reach 65 thousand to 67 thousand.

Rs. You can buy gold at 45000-48,500
According to a report by brokerage firm Motilal Oswal Financial Services, central banks around the world have provided liquidity to the market by lowering interest rates to support a sluggish economy. Global interest rates are currently at zero. Expect to decline for a while. The chairman of the US Federal Reserve said in a previous policy statement that interest rates would remain at their lowest level until 2023. People can be attracted to gold for good returns. Rs. You can buy gold at 45000-48,500. By next Diwali, gold will be worth Rs. 65 thousand to 67 thousand can be. According to a report by Religare Broking, Sonu has remained optimistic about the security of investors' portfolios as well as providing excellent returns. Not only the Corona crisis, but also economic issues, political uncertainty and many other factors such as the demand for investment have increased its demand.

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However, gold prices are currently trading 10 percent below the Lifetime High. The price is expected to be more than Rs 65,000 per 10 grams on an annual basis.

Outlook: The current decline in gold is likely to rebound
. Markets remain uncertain due to the impact of the epidemic. The rupee has depreciated. The situation is likely to remain the same after the US presidential election. So gold will be very important for the short to medium term. The impact of central bank trends, lower interest rates, more money in the market, epidemics and other concerns will be ideal for gold bulls in the long run. However, the speed of the boom will depend on the corona vaccine and some other factors.

Gold returns 33 per cent in 1 year
Gold has received a return as high as 33 per cent in the last one year.

Capital source10 years5 years1 year
Gold (MCX)159%99%33%
Dow Jones154%61%6%


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