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Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Corona blast in Ahmedabad on Diwali

Corona blast in Ahmedabad on Diwali:On New Year's Day 140 patients were admitted to Civil alone, currently 475 out of 625 patients in Civil are on oxygen.

As soon as the Diwali festivities started, people were seen walking in the markets of Ahmedabad city as if they were in a frenzy and they did not even follow the masks from social distance. 

The bewildered crowd felt that Corona was gone, not really gone, but was becoming more serious. Following the explosive situation, Health Minister Nitin Patel also rushed to the Civil Hospital on November 16 and held a meeting to review the situation. 

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At one time the number of corona patients in the civil hospital was declining, but now after the Diwali festival the number of patients in the civil hospital has increased by more than 50 per cent, which has also increased the number of patients staying on oxygen than normal patients at present.

 On New Year's Day alone, 140 new Corona patients have been admitted to the Civil Hospital. Of the 625 patients currently being treated in civil, 475 are on oxygen.

Thousands line up for Corona tests.

Serious patients are on the rise. During the

Diwali festivities, people in most areas have become careless and are seen moving around without masks as well as social distances. Thousands of people are flocking to the markets including Bapunagar, Three Doors to shop, which is now seeing a surge in Corona cases as well as thousands of people lining up for Corona tests. Many of those who tested positive have been home quarantined, with more corona patients now being hospitalized.

At present, 475 patients in the
civil hospital are not in a condition to live without oxygen. At present, there are 625 patients in the civil hospital and even in this 475 patients are not in a condition to live without oxygen, so their condition is not normal. The number of patients is still increasing and arrangements have been made to refer them to other hospitals as well.

Home quarantine and assessment of coronary artery disease in critically ill patients.

At present under the 174 ventilator patient treatment bed
civil hospital superintendent said that the recent jepimodie about 174 ventilator has been okyupai beds, including 24 on a ventilator, while 94 bayapepa 68 NRBM (oxygen at 11 liters per minute) 160 (on an O2 mask containing 2 liters of oxygen per minute), 140 patients were admitted yesterday. On the other hand, the number of corona patients has now increased to other corporation hospitals and home quarantine patients, which is giving an idea of ​​Corona's explosive condition.

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In the city-district, 226 new cases, 211 patients were discharged, 3 patients died and the death toll rose to 1940. In

Ahmedabad city district, Corona has once again made a comeback. A total of 226 new cases have been reported in the city and district in 24 hours, while 3 patients have died and a total of 211 patients have been discharged after recovering. From the evening of November 15 to the evening of November 16, 210 new cases have been reported in the city and 16 in the district, while 3 patients have died in the city as well as 201 in the city and 10 patients in the district have been discharged. At the same time, the number of corona positive cases in the city and district has risen to 45,569, while 40,301 patients have recovered and returned home, resulting in 1,940 deaths.

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