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Saturday, 21 November 2020

Borders of Ahmedabad sealed, strict checking, entry only to GJ-01 passing vehicle

No entry into the city:Borders of Ahmedabad sealed, strict checking, entry only to GJ-01 passing vehicle

A curfew has been imposed in the city until 6 a.m. Monday to prevent a rising corona infection. Which is being strictly enforced. Police have been deployed at the borders of Ahmedabad and strict checking is being carried out. Only residents of the city and vehicles passing GJ-01 are being admitted. Due to which the passengers coming from other districts coming to the city are in trouble.

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coming from Saurashtra have been stranded near Sanathal Chokdi as the city's border has been sealed. Intensive checking is being carried out at the entry point of Sanathal. Every driver is being questioned. Anyone who does not have a valid document or cannot give a valid reason is not allowed into the city. Passengers have to return due to non-entry into the city. Passengers wishing to return are being charged five to ten times the fare.

No vehicle is found, private vehicle says fare as much as 2000: Passengers
Trapped at Sanathal Chokdi Passengers told divyabhaskar, “I have come from Andhra Pradesh and am trapped here. No one is taking. A fare of 1500 to 2 thousand rupees is being demanded by a private vehicle. How to go We sat without food and drink last night. Vikasbhai, who hails from Rohtak in Haryana, said he got off the train at 10 am and was put on the bus and later dropped off in the middle. We walked from there to get here. No vehicle found.

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Vaishno Devi on the circle of people barred from entering the city
are being stopped near Vaishno Devi circle of passengers coming from North Gujarat. Passengers who give a valid reason are being admitted, while others are being told to return. As a result, many people have clashed with the police. While private buses are barred from entering the city, passengers are stuck there as they are being dropped off.

Passengers from Vadodara and South Gujarat are stranded near the express highway. Passengers from
areas including South Gujarat and Vadodara have been dropped off at the express highway by private buses. Which has caused them to face hardships. On the other hand, people coming in private vehicles are not allowed to enter the city and it is their turn to return.

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