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Sunday, 8 November 2020

Biden's first speech since victory

Biden's first speech since victory:The President-elect rushed to the stage and said, "I will unite the country instead of dividing it into two parts."

US President-elect Joe Biden, 77, addressed the nation after his victory on Saturday night. They came running up to the stage. During the election campaign, President Donald Trump accused him of aging.  Biden will be the 46th president of the United States after being sworn in on January 20.

Thanks to wife and family

Biden was first elected senator 48 years ago. Addressing on behalf of the country, he said, "You people have given a clear mandate. 7.4 people cast a record vote. This is America's moral victory. Martin Luther King said the same thing. Listen carefully. America is speaking today. As President I will unite instead of dividing this country. Thank you for the support the family and wife have given us in this struggle.

Biden told Trump, we can be opponents, not enemies

End the hatred, go ahead Trump and his supporters told Bide, "I know the people who voted for Trump will be disappointed today." I have also lost many times, this is the beauty of democracy that everyone gets a chance. Let's end the hatred. Listen to each other and move on. Stop treating opponents as enemies, because we are all Americans. The Bible teaches us that everything has a time. Now is the time to heal the wound. First we have to control Kovid-19, then we have to get the economy and the country on the road.

Accompanied by every class
Bide mentioned the unity of America's diversity. That said મને I’m proud that we see diversity in the world’s oldest democracy. Won on their strength. Brought together. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Progressive Conservatives, Young, Old, Rural, Urban, Gay, Transgender, Latin, White, Black and Asian. We all got support, the campaign was very difficult. Many times even went to lower levels. The African-American community stands with us.


Kamala Harris has also addressed the
need to sacrifice for Democracy, the
first Vice-elect Kamala Harris said, Democracy is not a guarantee. It all depends on how hard you try to maintain it. It requires willpower. That's why don't take it for granted. This requires sacrifice. Only then is happiness found. We are saying the same thing. Democracy was also at stake in this time of voting. You have shown America a new dawn. For four years you have been fighting for equality and justice. Then there was the opportunity to vote.

We have the courage and passion to work
together to make this country beautiful. Now your voice will be heard, I believe the challenge is in front of us this time. The last several months in particular have been fraught with trouble. We suffered a lot, but we still have the courage and the passion. If you have elected Biden and me. Kamala is America's first black woman vice president. He is a native of India.

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