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Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Biden 131 and Trump 92 ahead of Electoral Watts; Trump ahead in swing states like Florida and Texas, National Guards alert

US Election LIVE: Biden 131 and Trump 92 ahead of Electoral Watts; Trump ahead in swing states like Florida and Texas, National Guards alert

US President Donald Trump arrives at his own campaign headquarters in Virginia during the voting.

Counting has begun for the presidential election in the United States. In the early days, President Donald Trump led two states, Indiana and New Hampshire. Democrat candidate Joe Biden is said to be ahead in Kentucky. According to the New York Times, Biden received 131 votes, while Trump received 92 votes. The special thing is that Trump is moving forward in Florida. The 100-year history says that whoever wins in this swing state reaches the White House. Biden is ahead in Iowa.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump arrived at his own campaign headquarters in Virginia during the voting. 

 Doing very well in Texas. I think tonight is going to be a lot cooler. Trump has claimed victory before. The final round of voting for the election is currently underway.

Amid anticipation of delays in the outcome of the presidential election, fears of a worsening situation in the United States are lingering. A wooden wall has been erected in front of the doors of several leading stores in New York. That means the security system of the stores has been strengthened. The results have sparked fears of violence or looting in America. For the first time in America, this situation is being witnessed at the time of elections. The final round of voting is currently taking place in the United States.


  • According to CNN's political analyst Dana Bash, Florida and Pennsylvania are facing a thorny issue. This also suggests that at present, the whole country is going to have this picture. Democrats hoped for a landslide victory. Currently Trump has turned the water on him.
  • Let's talk about the Senate. So far Democrats are leading in 43 seats while Republicans are leading in 38 seats. Democrats lead 53 and Republicans 79 in the House of Representatives.
  • According to the New York Times, an interesting figure is coming up. Those who did not vote in 2016 who voted for a third party in the last election. Both have voted for Biden this time.
  • Democratic Senator Mitch McDonnell told party leaders - if we win, accept it with a big heart and humility. If you say wrong things, racist things can lead to violence in the country.
  • Drive ban near the White House. According to US Today, the National Guard was stationed near the White House.
  • According to the New York Times, Trump has occupied 6 electoral seats in the last half hour.

US Election Highlights

  • When asked which country is most difficult to work with, Russia, China or North Korea. Trump said the hardest part is dealing with America. These countries are nowhere near it. Working inside America is very difficult.
  • Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden are both vying for victory. In it, Trump looks more reassured. However, in an interview with a media channel, he said it was more difficult to work in the United States.
  • On election day, President Donald Trump said he was "very well aware" of the prospect of victory. He has also claimed big wins in key states like Florida and Arizona.
  • Shortly after the polls began, the Republican Party filed a new lawsuit in Pennsylvania. The lawsuit, filed in federal court, challenges the Montgomery County administration's handling of absentee ballots.
  • Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said that whether Trump wins in the US or Biden, Iran does not care. He also mocked the tank election process, citing the possibility of irregularities in the vote count by Trump.
  • If Donald Trump loses this election, he will be the first president to lose against a former vice president.
  • Voting has begun in New York, New Jersey and Virginia. Shortly afterwards, long lines appeared outside the polling booths. Voting has already taken place in Dixville Notch, a small township in New Hampshire. The township is located on the US-Canada border. There are only 5 voters here. All of these have voted for Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Appealed to Trump and Biden to vote

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Shortly before the vote, Donald Trump tweeted a video urging people to vote. While Biden has been told what his plans will be if he becomes president. He tweeted another and appealed for a vote.

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