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Thursday, 8 October 2020

This will be Rs. 865 crore new Parliament House

This will be Rs. 865 crore new Parliament House:The new Parliament House designed by Gujarati Bimal Patel will be ready by 2022, will have offices of 51 ministries in 10 buildings.

Even if 200 more seats are added in the Lok Sabha and 100 in the Rajya Sabha, there will be no shortage of seats
The administration office associated with all the ministries will come together in one place

The Parliament House of India, a symbol of democracy, is being rebuilt after a century and was designed by a Gujarati architect. Ahmedabad-based architect Bimal Patel, who has designed important projects in the country and the world, has designed a project related to India's new Parliament House. The project has been named Central Vista Project by the Central Government covering various constructions including repair of old Parliament House and construction of new Parliament House. Divya Bhaskar spoke to him and knew what this new parliament would be like. What facilities will it have and by when will it be ready?

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Why the new parliament building?
As the present Parliament House is hundreds of years old, it is in dire need of repair. Moreover, Parliament has reached its maximum seating arrangement. If we want to increase the number of seats in view of the growing population, it is imperative to build a new parliament building. 

Office space is limited here due to the old system. How many government offices related to Parliament and various ministries are located in different areas in Delhi, so it is a priority to have every office of each ministry here.

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What is Central Vista?
New Delhi, designed by British architect Edwin Lutyens in 1911, came into existence and the present Parliament House was constructed during 1921-27. The area from India Gate to Rashtrapati Bhavan was selected for renovation and was renamed as Central Vista. 

This area of ​​New Delhi has been known by this name ever since. The Central Government has identified the area as the Central Vista Project, which is currently undergoing renovations, including the renovation of the old Parliament House and the construction of a new building.

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Tata gets contract
Tata has got a contract to build a new parliament building. Rs. 865 crore will be spent. The new parliament will be built on state plot number 118. The entire project was designed by architect Bimal Patel. In addition to the new parliament under the project, 10 buildings will be constructed around India Gate, which will house the offices of 51 ministries.

Who is Bimal Patel?
Bimal Patel is a very well known name in the world of architecture. His company HCP Design, Planning and Management Pvt. Ltd. has done many important projects for the Government of Gujarat and the Government of India. Ahmedabad's Riverfront Project, Kankaria Re-Development, Rajkot Racecourse Re-Development, RBI Ahmedabad, Gujarat High Court, IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Jodhpur. He has over 35 years of experience and has been awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India.

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What was the Prime Minister's briefing on the design?
Regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi's suggestions for the design of the new Parliament House, Bimal Patel said the Prime Minister had insisted that the new building should be efficient, accessible to the common man and meet all the essential needs of Parliament. He also insisted that the security arrangements should be such that the general public could easily reach the building and not feel intimidated.

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Looking at the new-old buildings together will give a diamond look
Bimal Patel said that the entire project will have two buildings in a triangle shape on either side of the old building. The old parliament building is round in shape, while the new building is in a triangular shape and because of this, the new and old buildings look like diamonds when viewed together. The main purpose of building the Victory House is to build state-of-the-art facilities for Parliament. Currently, both buildings are to be used, but the new building will play an important role in the future.

Important aspects of a new building

The proposed Central Vista will be right next to the existing parliament building and the two buildings will work together.
At present, the Lok Sabha can seat 590 people. The new parliament will have a seating capacity of 888 and the public gallery will have a seating capacity of more than 336.
The Rajya Sabha currently has a seating capacity of 280, which will increase to 384 and the public gallery will be able to seat more than 336 people.
The Lok Sabha hall will be able to seat more than 1,272 people during the joint session of the two houses.
The Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha will have state-of-the-art comfortable seating arrangements for all members to sit on, equivalent to a high-tech office with audio-visual equipment.
There will be a separate office for each important function of Parliament. There will be a high-tech office facility for every officer and employee.
The caf અને and dining facilities will also be modern and spacious.
The separate rooms of the committee meeting will be equipped with high-tech equipment.
Common rooms, lounge for women and VIP lounge.

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These 8 things will be special in the new project

The new parliament building will be with high energy efficiency. It will also get a green building rating.
The Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha halls will have extremely high quality acoustics.

Zone-5 safety standards have been adopted for the safety of the building.

Air conditioning, lighting, electrical equipment will be easily upgraded.
The building can be easily maintained and operated.

There will be an underground entrance for VVIP, while there will be an entry from the ground floor for the public and officials.

Special care has been taken to ensure that the disabled person can easily use this building.
An emergency exit from the hall will be maintained in an emergency.

Part of the old building will be demolished and
rebuilt, Patel said in an earlier interview. This includes Krishi Bhavan, Shastri Bhavan and other parts.

(Excerpts from Bimal Patel's interviews with other media have also been added to this story)

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