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Saturday, 17 October 2020

The highways of Kutch became smooth from the pedestrian-service camp

In the wake of the global epidemic, for the first time in the history of Kutch, the gates of Matanamdh Srithat I Ashapura are closed to visitors and all the highways of the district are flooded without pedestrians and service camps. The hopes of seasonal traders associated with Navratri have been pushed back into despair.

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Usually during these days all the roads leading to Matanamdh in Kutch are crowded with pedestrians. The service camp for the pedestrians is bustling for 3 hours and you can see the image of Goddess Ashapura and queues of vehicles with saffron-colored flags. Whether it is pedestrians or drivers, they are chanting the Garba of Ashapura and chanting Jai Jai. The atmosphere is filled with the fragrance of hopeful incense. However, this year the roads are smooth due to Corona. Fear has also spread among the people as ambulances and hearses are running on the roads of the district.

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In addition, during Navratri, electric goods shops also have lights instead of dazzles. A similar situation exists with the merchants involved in the pottery business. There is a tradition of making utensils for this festival. But with no donors inquiring about the value of the utensils this year, traders are panicking over new purchase orders.

 As well as Mataji's Chundi, Pujapo distributors say they have never faced such a difficult time in the past. It is worth mentioning here that since there is a ban on offering sugar, coconut and chundi in Mataji's real temple, people do not even buy such items for worship.

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