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Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Talking points:Ashwin, who is proud of Mankad, did not Mankad out, tweeted after the match and tagged coach Ponting, giving the first and last warning of 2020.


Delhi Capitals beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 59 runs in the 19th match of IPL 2020 in Dubai on Monday. The defeat of Virat Kohli's team was almost decided when they lost 3 wickets in the powerplay rather than the target chase of 197 runs. Many Delhi players made significant contributions to the match. However, the talking point of the match was the incident in the third over when off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin let Bangalore opener Aaron Finch go with a warning instead of manning. Before we talk about this whole incident let’s understand what a mancade is.

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What is Managed?

  • During a cricket match, if the bowler leaves the crease before the bowler throws the ball at the non-striker end, the bowler runs it out, it is called mankad.
  • Vinu Mankad has been known as Mankad since he first dismissed Australia's Bill Brown in 1947.

In 2019, Ashwin manned Butler

  • In the 2019 IPL match, Ashwin manned Rajasthan Royals opener, Jose Butler. Butler's dismissal changed the face of the match and Rajasthan lost by 14 runs.
  • After this, most people criticized Ashwin for doing so.
  • However, the off-spinner said he would continue to do so. Any batsman who goes out of the crease before the ball is released will be manned.
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When Ashwin was the captain of Punjab in 2019, he maneuvered Rajasthan opener Jose Butler.
When Ashwin was the captain of Punjab in 2019, he maneuvered Rajasthan opener Jose Butler.

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What happened in yesterday's match?
During the fourth ball of the third over of the match, Ashwin was out of the Finch crease at the non-striker end before releasing the ball. Ashwin had said earlier in the season that he would always continue to be manned, but why did he let Finch go with his first warning yesterday? After the match, Ashwin responded by tweeting himself.  Don't tell me again (Between the lines, that means don't tell me I don't believe in the spirit of the game). Ashwin also tagged Finch." "We're good friends."

Coach Ponting before said, would not be mankadeda someone Delhi season,
said Delhi Capitals coach Ricky season before, "I am someone who will not give permission to run mankadeda here until my coach. I Ravichandran see Ashwin is the first to talk with him about I will. 

"Ashwin was not in our squad last year," Ponting said in a grade cricketer podcast. He is a great bowler and that is why we have included him in our team. Although I would say that last year when he manned out Jose Butler I told my team that I know what Ashwin did, other players in the tournament will try to do the same, but we as a team will never play this kind of cricket.

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Ponting added that the talks with Ashwin would be tough. He will tell me that what he did is right under the rules of cricket and he is right in doing so. However, I will explain to him that this is not the spirit of the game and I will not let that happen here as long as I am in Delhi Capitals.

 I also talked to the umpires in the IPL last year about this. If the umpires say yes and are ready, I think it is okay to hit a run penalty," Ponting said. Would be better than. "

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