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Monday, 26 October 2020

Sea-plane in Ahmedabad today

Sea-plane in Ahmedabad today: Fare to Kevadia in sea-plane 4800, fare to Delhi in flight 2500!

Picture of a sea-plane arriving at Kochi from Maldives.

High fares despite being under sea-plane 'flight'

The C-plane will reach Ahmedabad on Monday. The plane arrived in Kochi from Maldives on Sunday and landed in Kochi to refuel. Sea-plane will come from Kochi to Ahmedabad via Goa

. Operations, including a trial of the C-plane, will be carried out after arrival here. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will board the Kevadia C-Plane from the Ahmedabad Riverfront on October 31.

Meanwhile, a regional connectivity scheme has been launched under the Centre's flight plan. Under this scheme, the fare on the route where the flight can be completed in less than 1 hour is Rs. 2500 has been fixed. Smaller flights are operated in the flight plan. 

Usually the fare on this route is 1500 to 2500. In addition, the fare for a flight from Ahmedabad to Mumbai and from Ahmedabad to Delhi is around Rs. 2500-3000. But for C-plane, the fare from Ahmedabad to Kevadia has been fixed at Rs 4,800.

A sea-plane from the Maldives landed at Kochi to refuel.

Sea-plane Kevidya route from Ahmedabad also comes under flight plan. With such a high fare, it is doubtful that the purpose of providing sea-plane travel to the common man will be achieved. 

Read in Gujarati news 

Meanwhile, a water aerodrome has been built at the riverfront for the country's first sea-plane. A two-storey glass office, ticket counter has been arranged for the aerodrome. It has also become a 48 meter long, 9 meter wide and 1 meter thick jetty.

Features of C-Plane

Distance of 200 km
It will take 45 minutes
06 Crew Members

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