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Monday, 26 October 2020

Preparations for human habitation on Mars begin

Preparations for human habitation on Mars begin:2 daily flights to Mars, plan to reach one million people by the year 2050, the company plans

The American company SpaceX has released information about the plan for human habitation on Mars. Ginny Shotwell, CEO of SpaceX, told Time magazine that the Starlink satellite will play a very important role in human habitation on Mars.

The company intends to provide internet access to Mars with Earth via Starlink Satellite. SpaceX says the satellite will connect people on both planets.

CEO Ginny Shotwell has said that once people reach Muggle they will need to communicate with the people of the Earth. Starlink Satellite will have a role in this work.

The SpaceX company plans to reach 1 million people on Mars by the year 2050. The company plans to fly three flights a day to Mars. That means about 1 thousand flights a year, on each flight about 100 people will travel together to go to a new planet.

Earlier in 2017, Alan Musk said he wanted to send two cargo planes to Mars by 2022 and four more by 2024. 2 of these four flights will be manned.

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The SpaceX Starship wants to send humans to Mars via rocket. Alan Musk said last month that work to build the rocket was moving forward. However, he acknowledged that building a city on Mars would be difficult and risky.

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