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Monday, 26 October 2020

October Ekam Kasoti For Std 3 To 8

Online education may be a flexible instructional delivery system that encompasses any quiet learning that takes place via the web. 

Ekam Kasoti October 2020


Online education offers many positive benefits since students:

face no commuting or parking hassles
find the submission of assignments easy and convenient

find access to the required technology challenging and therefore the availability of technical support limited
In addition, some administrators and instructors who don't understand the workload may display a negative attitude toward online education.

October 2020 Ekam Kasoti Download

October 2020 EKAM KASOTI

Download Link
3EnvironmentClick Here
4EnvironmentClick Here
5Mathematics Click Here
5EnvironmentClick Here
6Mathematics Click Here
6ScienceClick Here
6Social Science Click Here
7Mathematics Click Here
7ScienceClick Here
7Social Science Click Here
8ScienceClick Here
8Mathematics Click Here
8Social Science Click Here

October Ekam Kasoti English Medium 2020

October Ekam Kasoti 2020 English Medium
Sr NoNameDownload
1Environment standard - 3Download
2Environment standard - 4Download
3Environment standard - 5Download
4Mathematics Standard - 5Download
5Mathematics Standard - 6Download
6Mathematics Standard - 7Download
7Mathematics Standard - 8Download
8Science standard - 6Download
9Science standard - 7Download
10Science standard - 8Download
11Social Science Standard - 6Download
12Social Science Standard - 7Download
13Social Science Standard - 8Download

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