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Saturday, 17 October 2020

Navratri from today

Navratri from today: The Madhupura temple was established 200 years ago by a Ghada trader from Kapadvanj. The temple will remain open for Darshan on Navratri.

Devotees will only be able to do darshan with social distance
Even sitting in the temple is not allowed

Navratri is starting in the state from today. Due to the Koro epidemic, the state government has issued guidelines for the Navratri festival, which does not allow playing or holding Garba, only allowing pooja-arti for one hour.

 The Darshan system has also been set up in the temples of the city. In Madhupura of the city, 200 years ago, a ghee trader from Kapadvanj brought an idol of Ambaji and established a temple. A special arrangement has been made at Madhupura Ambaji Temple for devotees to pay obeisance to Mataji on Navratri.

 The timing of darshan has also been changed for Navratri. The temple will be open from 6.30 am to 9.30 pm during Navratri. Devotees will only be able to do darshan with social distance. They are not allowed to sit in the temple.

Arrangements have been made to go out directly by darshan
, said Nirav Bhatt, priest of Ambaji temple, in a conversation with DivyaBhaskar, adding that the timing of darshan has been changed for devotees during Navratri. The temple was open till late at night till 11 pm, instead, 

it will remain open till 9.30 pm. Devotees will not be able to participate in the morning and evening Aarti.

 Arrangements have been made in the temple for the devotees to go out directly by darshan with social distance. Mataji's darshan will be done every day on the Facebook page named Madhupura Ambaji.

Bada Bedi of Ghee bought the idol of Mataji 200 years ago. If we talk about the history of this temple, about 200 years ago Narbheram Prabhuram Bhatt of Kapadvanj was a big trader of ghee and was considered to be the leading person of the village. Once a sculptor came to Kapadvanj to sell two statues of Ambaji's mother.

 The villagers mocked Narbheram and told the sculptor that no one could buy your idol except Narbheram.

 So the sculptor went to Narbheram and asked him to buy the idol at a reasonable price. Although Narbheram could not afford to pay due to poor financial condition, he said he could give 17 pots of ghee in exchange for two idols. The sculptor accepted this and gave the idols instead of 17 pots of ghee.

Narbheram left for Ahmedabad with two idols After taking two idols
from the sculptor, Narbheram sold all his belongings including his house and left for Ahmedabad. 

On the way, on Utkantheshwar-Dehgam road, Narbheram gave an idol of Ambaji to the priest of Utkantheshwar Mahadev temple. An idol has been erected in front of the temple of Lord Mahadev, which is still worshiped today.

He asked for a piece of land for the construction of a temple in Ahmedabad. The trustees of the temple met and requested to set up a statue of Ambaji Mata, allot a piece of land for the construction of the temple.

 The trustees had stipulated that we would have full rights over the temple, which Narbheram denied. He said he got the idol by selling all the items. How does it survive and what about its maintenance? Denying the trustees, he went to Madhupura village.

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Narbheram went to Madhupura village in Madhupura to talk about building a temple and he requested to build a temple. The village elders were very pleased with Narbheram's request and immediately gave the land to build Ambaji Mata's temple. Later Mataji's temple was built. 

Ambalal Bapuji Bhatt started the development and construction work of the temple, but he died before the construction of the dome of the temple could be completed. The rest of the work was completed and the Shakti Peeth was established by Pushparai Ambalal Bhatt under his supervision.

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