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Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Naresh Kanodia dies of corona on third day of elder brother's death, Gujarati film duo bids farewell in a week

Gujarati superstar dies: Naresh Kanodia dies of corona on third day of elder brother's death, Gujarati film duo bids farewell in a week

Musician Mahesh Kanodia passed away just two days ago


Former MLA Naresh Kanodia Corona, a former superstar of Gujarati films, has died during treatment. On the third day of the death of elder brother Mahesh Kanodia, younger brother Naresh Kanodia also passed away. Naresh Kanodia was kept on a ventilator as his oxygen level dropped.

 Earlier, on October 20, Naresh Kanodia's Corona report came back positive. Following which he was sent to U.N. Ahmedabad for treatment. Mehta was shifted to the hospital. On October 22, the U.N. A picture of Naresh Kanodia from Mehta Hospital also surfaced,

Mahesh Kanodia bids farewell to the world on the 25th
Gujarati film composer and former Patan Lok Sabha MP Mahesh Kumar passed away today at Gandhinagar at the age of 83 after a long illness. Musical programs in the name of Mahesh-Naresh were given in the country and abroad.

Naresh Kanodia sang 'Bhaag Korona ... Taro Baap Bhagade'
and played drums. Earlier, when the first case of the Korona virus came up in the country and Gujarat, Naresh Kanodia played drums and sang 'Bhaag Korona Bhaag, Bhaag Korona Bhaag ... Taro Baap Bhagade'. The attention was drawn to himself. However. He eventually died because of Corona.

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Rumors of the death were also spread on October 22. On October

20, Naresh Kanodia received a positive report from Korona. Mehta was admitted to the hospital on October 22. Mehta came across a picture of Naresh Kanodia from the hospital, in which he was seen undergoing treatment with an oxygen mask on the bed. 

On the same day, Hitu Kanodia, the son of Gujju superstar and also the MLA of Eder, posted a photo of his father and appealed for prayers. Some pranksters spread rumors of his death after a picture of the hospital surfaced.

 Union Minister Parsottam Rupala was also involved in the incident. 45 minutes after Naresh Kanodia's son Hitu posted a video of his father being stable on Facebook, Rupala tweeted a tribute to Naresh Kanodia. However, later realizing the mistake, he deleted the tweet.

Family and film career
Naresh Kanodia was born on 20th August 1943 in Kanoda village of Bahucharaji taluka of Mehsana district near Modhera.  Naresh has given many hit Gujarati films. Naresh and Gujarati actress Snehalta were a couple who worked together in many hit Gujarati films. Naresh Kanodia is married to Rima. He has one son, Hitu Kanodia. 

Hitu is married to Gujarati actress Mona Theba. Both have one son Rajvir. Naresh Kanodia lived with his family in Gandhinagar. Mahesh Kanodia also lived with him.

Kanodia's successful films Naresh Kanodia has acted in more than 125 films so far. He brought the deer to the shore, Meru Malan, Dholamaru, Moti Verana Chowk, Palwade Bandhi Preet, Pardeshi Maniyaro, Vanzari Vav, Tame Re Champo ne Ame Kel, Jode Rahejo Raj Paras Padmani, Kaljano Katko Revenge, Ladi Lakhni Saibo gave many successful films like Sava Lakhno.

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The date of Naresh Kanodia's death was also updated in Wikipedia, then the
rumor about the death of Naresh Kanodia spread so fast that it was also updated in Wikipedia. Naresh Kanodia's wiki profile showed the date of his death as October 23, 2020. However, this date was later removed as the truth was realized.

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