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Saturday, 24 October 2020

Murder mystery like Hindi MOVLE scene

Murder mystery like Hindi MOVLE scene:The technician was missing for 18 months, a male skeleton found in the house; Suspicion of murder by wife

Police seizing skeletons from the scene.

Mystery like a visual film has come up in Panipat on Friday. A skeleton was found during excavations at the home of 31-year-old technician Harbir Singh, who has been missing for 18 months in Vikasnagar. It is suspected that the skeleton belongs to a technician. The wife is suspected of murder. Only a DNA test will clarify the matter.

Harbir's elder brother Hariom alleged that Harbir's wife and others had quietly buried the skeleton in one place in the house. My son said this if he saw a skull while digging for construction. The skeleton was then excavated during the excavation. Forensic expert Dr Neelam Arya, police station in-charge Rajbir Singh reached the spot. The skeleton was captured by the appointment of a duty magistrate. An autopsy will be performed on Saturday to determine whether the skeleton is male or female.

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6 reasons to suspect murder on wife

1. Hariom said that in the house where Harbir lived, his wife had done masonry work in the same house about 3 days ago. His mother and cousin also came.

2. Why didn't the wife report to the police? A pit was being dug for the bathroom on Friday. About 12 o'clock in the afternoon, Hariom's 15-year-old son started working with his aunt. After digging 4 feet, when the skeleton was found, especially the skull was seen. But the wife did not inform the police.

3. Why did the skeleton rotate out of space? It is alleged that the wife and others dug the skeleton about
 5 feet away from the pit.

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4. Why did you say dog ​​skeleton? When asked, the aunt told the son that your uncle Harbir had buried the dog. He then went home and reported the matter to Father Hariom. The family then rushed to the spot.

5. Why quarrel with the family who went to dig at the place mentioned by the son? Hariom came with his sons and brothers and started digging. The brother's wife snatched the spade and threw it away. They were going home on request. Skeletons were found in the excavation when the mother arrived.

6. The wife lodged a complaint of her disappearance on 20 July 2019, 3 months after her disappearance.

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The brother said the DNA of the
skeleton should be examined. Hariom said that the skeleton may belong to Harbir. The police investigate the case by conducting a DNA test. Which reveals who the skeleton really belongs to. Police have arrested and questioned the wife, who is under suspicion of re-burying the skeleton. 

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