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Monday, 19 October 2020

Look at the photos of IPL's double super over

Look at the photos of IPL's double super over: Mumbai lost by Mayank's superb fielding and Gayle's thunderous batting, Preity Zinta happy with Punjab's thrilling win

 After the team's victory, something like this made Preity Zinta look cheerful.

The 36th match of IPL season-13 was the most exciting match in the history of the league. The match between Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab ended in a tie. After the super over, there was also a tie. Both teams took to the field to face the Super Over for the second time. In the double super over, Punjab chased down a target of 12 against Mumbai and won the match.

Meanwhile, Punjab's Mayank Agarwal was seen fielding brilliantly while Chris Gayle was seen batting brilliantly. So Kings' Shami and Mumbai's Bumrah won the hearts of the people by bowling brilliantly. Earlier, while batting for Mumbai in the second super over, Mayank made a surprise six off the boundary and saved four runs.

So while batting, Chris Gayle hit six before Trent Bolt. The second ball made a run. After which Mayank hit two fours in a row to give Punjab the victory.

Chasing a 12-run target in the second super over of the match, Chris Gayle hit a six off Trent Bolt's first ball.

After which Mayank Agarwal scored two fours in a row to give victory to Punjab. Mayank celebrated the victory in something like this.

In the second super over, Mayank saved the team's 4 runs by brilliantly blocking Kieron Pollard's six on the boundary.

The first super over for Mumbai was played by Quinton Decock and captain Rohit Sharma. Punjab scored 5 runs, in response to which Mumbai also scored 5 runs.

Wicketkeeper Lokesh Rahul stopped Quinton Decock on the first super over tie.

He also bowled the first super over, stopping Punjab by just 5 runs.

In the first super over, Mayank Agarwal and Chris Gayle were seen in the dressing room in something like this.

 He was bowled by Bumrah for 11 off 10 balls.

Punjab captain Lokesh Rahul scored 77 off 51 balls. When the match was in the hands of Punjab, Bumrah turned the match around by bowling Rahul cleanly.

In the match, Quinton Decock played an innings of 53 off 43 balls for Mumbai. 

After Punjab's victory in the double super over, Preity Zinta was happy with something like this.

Fans cheering Kings XI Punjab.

After the victory, Kings XI Punjab coach Anil Kumble and the entire team were seen celebrating the victory.

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