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Sunday, 18 October 2020

Khelaiyo Anando, Garba will be able to play

Khelaiyo Anando, Garba will be able to play:15-20 family members can play Garba in house-bungalow, not allowed in plot-public places

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There is a tradition of playing 5 Garba with Aarti, so as not to hurt the religious sentiments of the people, if Garba is played in the house-bungalow, no action will be taken.

The state government has unofficially instructed the police to turn a blind eye to the five garbas associated with Aarti and the garbas of 15-20 family members at home or in a bungalow in view of the spirit of the people of the state associated with Navratri. However, it is mandatory to seek police permission for worshiping Mataji in public places, public roads and public places. In addition, no garba is allowed in public places or party plots.

Home-bungalow that does not take action on Garba
said the Interior Department's top official on condition of anonymity Not in the name of, on the one hand the government wants to prevent koronane prasarato and wishes, but that does not offend religious feelings of the other. Therefore, the police have been instructed not to take any action on the family riots taking place in the houses and bungalows in compliance with the guideline of Kovid-19.

 Along with this we have the religious significance of doing five garbas symbolically during Mataji's Aarti. Therefore, the police have been asked to turn a blind eye to such Garba. However, the police will take strict action if the rules of Kovid-19 or other guidelines regarding Garba are violated.

The Home Department said that there is no need to seek the permission of the police at the mahalla or village level

. Police approval is required at places like clubs, stadiums, grounds, but there is no need for police approval for Mataji Aradhana, Puja, Aarti in village chowks or mahallas, official Home Department sources said on condition of anonymity.

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