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Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Is Modi government providing 10 GB of free internet data every day? - Know what is fact


What's Going Viral

It is reported on social media that the Modi government is providing 10 GB of free internet to students daily for online education in COVID-19. There is a link with the viral message, the students have been told that free data can be obtained only after clicking on the link.

What is true about this?

 At that time, the Home Ministry has given permission to open the school on October 15 in the guidelines of Unlock-5. It is clear from this that the message is of Corona lockdown time.

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We have not received any such news on the internet, which proves that the Modi government is not providing free internet to students. The government website URL last has, but not in this link.

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We have not received any update on MHRD as well as on the official website of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting about providing free internet data.  This was called fake news from the PIB fact check, the official Twitter handle of the central government.

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