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Friday, 16 October 2020

Impact of Indo-China border dispute

Impact of Indo-China border dispute:Due to deteriorating relations with China, 50,000 students from Gujarat did not get 'Namo tablet' for a year and a half, now they are useful in online education.

One thousand rupees from students for 'Namo e-tablet', but got stuck ordering from a Chinese company

Thousands of GTU and university students did not find tablets that could be a boon in online learning during the Corona era

The state's students are suffering as relations with China deteriorate. 50,000 college-students from the state, including 20,000 from Gujarat Technological University (GTU), have been waiting for a 'cheap tablet' for a year and a half after paying Rs 1,000 for a tablet. Another 70,000 tablets were found to be faulty.

Tablet is planned for students in Gujarat for 3 years.
Young students taking admission in the first year of degree-diploma course in Gujarat can be aware of the country and the world as well as online education Namo e-tablet is given. 

The scheme has been implemented by the Gujarat government for the last three-and-a-half years, but the tablets have not yet been given to about 50,000 students of last year's state universities, including GTU, despite registering Rs.

While the country is banned from
importing electronics from China, college degree-diploma students in the Corona era are currently being provided online education at home, while tablets, which are very useful and important in online education, have not been given to half a lakh students last year.

 Electronics parts have also stopped coming from China due to the ban on Chinese products following the outbreak of the Corona virus, which has stalled the question of tablets for half a million students a year.

Last year 25 thousand out of 45 thousand
students of GTU were given tablets. Last year 20 thousand students of Gujarat Technological University have not been provided tablets yet. 45,000 students of Gujarat Technological University had registered to get tablets, out of which only 25,000 students have received tablets, while 20,000 students have not received tablets yet. This matter has been brought to the notice of the Department of Education by GTU and by the universities.

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The tender process for the tablet is underway
, an official of the state education department said, adding that the order for the tablet has not been placed due to a ban on Chinese products following the outbreak of the corona virus, which has prevented some of last year's students from being given the tablet. However, a new tender for the tablet has now been issued. In this chapter, it is learned that 70,000 tablets were ordered to provide tablets to the students of last year, out of which 20,000 tablets were returned due to defects. Now again the tender process has been conducted by the government in the case of tablets

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