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Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Hundreds of people in Nigeria looted warehouses for two meals a day, accusing the government of hiding food items

 Empty stomach during coronal period: Hundreds of people in Nigeria looted warehouses for two meals a day, accusing the government of hiding food items

Hundreds of people looted warehouses for food items. In a poor country like Nigeria, during the Corona era, people are facing a dire situation of two meals a day and unemployment, which has led to anti-government fervor in the country.

Corona in the African country of Nigeria has caused a state of starvation in the lockdown, with large numbers of people wandering from one place to another to get food. Hundreds of people stormed a warehouse in the Nigerian city of Jose to retrieve food items. Protesters in the country accused the local government of hiding food items for aid. People climbed onto the roof of the warehouse and broke through. A total of 62,111 cases of corona have been reported in Nigeria so far and 1132 people have died.

Hundreds of anti-government protesters stormed the food aid warehouse and climbed onto the roof of the warehouse. The food kept in the warehouse was looted

In addition to the warehouse in Jos, the capital, Abuja, was also looted. The local administration appealed to the crowd to remain calm, which had no effect.

Even after the food was emptied in the warehouse, people broke down the roof and doors of the warehouse and took it away.

People were looting 50 kg bags of grain and rice from the warehouse. Local ministers denied the allegation of concealing food items and said the food items were under distribution process. This was the stuff for those who were facing the impact of the lockdown imposed due to the Corona.

People are seen carrying food bags in their hands and over their heads during a mass robbery at a warehouse in the capital Abuja.

Several buildings were set on fire in Lagos a few days ago, supermarkets were also looted and several vehicles were damaged. Large quantities of food items have also been reported in the country's Taraba and Adamawa states.

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Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday appealed to the people to maintain peace. The local administration also took several steps to prevent looting. Curfews were imposed in many areas, but they did not have much effect on the people.

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