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Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Hardik Pandya is currently the most valuable cricketer of the Indian team, India has been looking for a fast bowler-all-rounder since 1996.

Cricket: Hardik Pandya is currently the most valuable cricketer of the Indian team, India has been looking for a fast bowler-all-rounder since 1996.

The Indian team has been looking for a player like Hardik Pandya for a long time. Many champion batsmen, spinners and fast bowlers came, but no player like Hardik has been found since 1996. Manoj Prabhakar played his last match at that time.

 Then came Ajit Agarkar and Irfan Pathan as fast bowlers. Agarkar bowled well in ODIs, but his batting gradually deteriorated. Pathan, on the other hand, made a good start, but since he was promoted to bat, his career graph has started to come down. No fast bowling all-rounder was found after Pathan.

 Such a player was much needed for the Indian team, which makes the team balanced. Hardik gives the balance, as it is the best of all the options currently available. He hasn't done much with the ball and the bat, but he has given the team a balance. India currently has a spin-bowling all-rounder.

Jadeja and Ashwin in Tests, Sundar, Akshar, and Krunal in limited-overs cricket. However, the team needs a player like Hardik Pandya who can make the work of new ball bowlers easier. He has started with a new ball several times in ODIs.

The team may not have won the Champions Trophy final and the 2018 tour of South Africa with its superb innings, but it is still being discussed today. However he does not consistently perform like that. More than the Indian team, Mumbai Indians make an impact in the IPL with the ball and the bat. He needs to work on this. The Indian team is concerned about its fitness. However, the most shocking thing is that in a country like India, Hardik's place is not a player.

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Stuart Binny and Rishi Dhawan got a chance a few years ago. Vijay Shankar came up with the image of a three dimensional player in the 2019 World Cup. Shivam Dubey also made his debut last year. 

 Although hearty can do both batting and bowling. In the last few years, Hershal Patel of Haryana has emerged as a contender. Although he is far behind the level of Hardik.

 The Indian team struggles to knock out the opposition's lower order in Test matches. 

While the lower order of the Indian team throws up arms without a fight. A player like Hardik can play big shots with lower order batsmen as well as reduce pressure from bowlers.

Hopefully, he will make a quick comeback, especially in Test matches. The coming year is difficult for India in the Test Championship, in which an all-rounder like Hardik Pandya could prove to be good for the team. Just before we get excited, we don't have to compare Hardik with anyone. He is neither Ben Stokes of India nor another Kapil Dev. It has its own version, don't push the title on it. He has a long way to go, but let him start all over again.

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