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Thursday, 1 October 2020

From October 1, many rules will be changed,

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Other rules, including banking and motor vehicle, are set to change from October 1. TCS (Tax Collected at Source) will now be deducted even if the money is sent abroad. In addition, from October 1, important documents related to the vehicle, such as licenses, registration documents, fitness certificates, permits, etc., can be maintained through a government-run web portal. Wv
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From October 1, an important rule of income tax in the country is being changed. According to this, money will now be sent out of the country but TCS will be cut. Under Section 206C (1G) of the Income-tax Act, it has been decided to extend the scope of TCS and apply it to the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS), i.e. along with travel, education, etc. 

 Now you can work only by showing a digital copy. Records and registrations of recorded offenses, including suspension, compounding and license revocation, will also be available on this web portal.\

Mobile can be used to see the road while driving The
Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said that from October 1, a mobile or other handheld device can be used while driving, but it will be used only to see the map. 
It will
be expensive to buy a TV From October 1, it will also be expensive to buy a TV. The government has decided to abolish the 5% customs duty on imports of open cell used in TV manufacturing. 

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