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Thursday, 1 October 2020

Files by Google: Clean Up Space on Your Phone Android App

Hello friends, today I am bringing you this awesome app to transfer any file and any video and photo, and songs to another phone.

Below is all the information you need to become this app and below you are given complete and one by one information of this application and below is the link for you to install this.

Files by Google: pack up space on your phone; Download this app from Google to share file and manage storage without internet

Google's app lets you delete junk files, duplicate files, and old screenshots.
The file can be filed without the internet with other users using the appFiles by Google may be a file management app that helps you:
Release space with cleaning recommendations.
Find files faster with search and straightforward browsing.
Copy files to the cloud to save lots of your space on the device.
If you use different apps to free memory from the phone, manage storage, and file sharing, you can delete all these apps and download Google's app.
Google's Files by Google app works multiple apps. It will also save space for different apps and you can stay away from the permissions you have to give them. If you don't know about this app from Google, let's take a look at its various features...

If You Want to Manage Storage...
1. First, go to Google Play Store, install Files By Google app, and open the app.
2. Give all permissions to the app.
3. Information on used space will be seen at the top of the app. Below that you will find junk files, duplicate files, and old screenshots.
Junk File: It has to be Deleted to free up space.
Old Screen Shots: Delete old screenshots taken earlier for your work if they still take up space on your phone.
Backup Photo: If you want to delete photos to make room in the phone, you can back them up to Google.
WhatsApp Media: WhatsApp media can also be managed with this app.
Call Media: Call recordings saved in it can be deleted.
WhatsApp videos: Video content on WhatsApp can be selected and deleted.
Downloaded files: All downloaded files are visible, you can save space by deleting the ones that are not useful.

◾Files by Google: Clean Up Space on Your Phone Android App

Download Files by Google APP

FREE UP more room::
In just a couple of taps, you'll release space more quickly and simply than ever: Delete old photos and memes from chat apps, remove duplicate files, erase unused apps, clear your cache, and more.
Use Files to ascertain what proportion free space is left on your phone and SD card. Easily transfer files to an SD card to release your phone’s storage, right from the app. 
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BE on Top of Things:: Select only what you would like to get rid of and keep the remainder. It’s your photos, your videos, your files so you're responsible...


Save time trying to find photos, videos, and documents on your phone. Files use filters instead of folders so your stuff is organized more intuitively. 

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Files offline file sharing is secured with WPA2 encryption, providing a safer file transfer. Files app uses Bluetooth to line up an encrypted and direct fast wifi connection, in order that you'll transfer app APK or large files in seconds, send videos or pictures to your friends. Safe and secure.


If you run out of storage on your phone, simply transfer large files or videos to your SD card if you've got one. With a couple of clicks, you'll pack up your phone and fully use the SD card. 

◾Files by Google: Clean Up Space on Your Phone Android App
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