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Monday, 5 October 2020

Enthusiasm for preparation:After the 20th, two C-planes will arrive from Canada with foreign pilots and crew members, initially flying 4 times a day.

This is planned with great enthusiasm and this dream of Modi Sir has come true and all the information of this news is given below and below in the area.

  • An Indian pilot will also be prepared for the C-plane, with the aerodrome operation to be completed by October 20.

On Sardar Patel's birth anniversary on October 31, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch the C-Plane service from the riverfront in Ahmedabad. Work is currently underway on a floating jetty for the sea-plane in the riverfront, which is expected to be completed by October 20. Modi will fly the first flight from Ahmedabad to Kevadia. For this, around October 20, two C-planes will arrive from Canada with foreign pilots, with four daily flights. Then gradually the schedule will be decided.

The fare for one ticket has been fixed at Rs 4,800.
After Modi's inauguration, tourists who want to go to Kevadia will be able to use this sea-plane. The fare for one ticket has been fixed at Rs 4,800, which can be availed by tourists. By October 20, two C-planes with 18 seats will arrive in Ahmedabad from Canada. The flight, operated by Spice Jet, will have two foreign pilots and two crew members, who will stay in Gujarat for six months.

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The 6-month foreign pilot will travel in a C-plane.
The two foreign pilots are to train Indian pilots to operate C-planes. For six months, the foreign pilot will travel in a sea-plane from Ahmedabad to Kevadia. This sea-plane will cover a distance of 220 km from the Sabarmati riverfront to the Statue of Unity in just 45 minutes. Initially, the 18-seat C-plane will be able to carry 14 passengers from 8 am. Currently, the plane will operate as a non-scheduled flight and all flights will be scheduled in a year if there is more response from tourists.

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The aircraft will land at Kevadia's Pond-3
on the riverfront of the Sabarmati river as well as at Kevadia's Pond-3 for aircraft landing and takeoff facilities. In both cases, the plane will land from east to south. Sources said that after the flight on October 31, the C-plane facility will be launched up to Shetrunji Dam. The DGC has given permission to operate sea-planes on both these routes to Ahmedabad under Flight-3.

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