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Sunday, 25 October 2020

Celebrating Dussehra among the corona

Celebrating Dussehra among the corona: Taste lovers of Rajkot stayed away from jalebi-ganthiya, people lined up in Surat-Ahmedabad for fafda-jalebi, sales estimated at Rs 4 crore in Surat
Ahmedabad2 hours ago

Lines of people were seen in Surat and Ahmedabad to take fafda-jalebi

Sale of fafda and jalebi with social distance in Ahmedabad
In Rajkot, 50 per cent people avoid eating outdoors and make jalebi-fafda at home
Suratilalaos get lakhs and crores of rupees worth of fafda jalebi

Dussehra is being celebrated across the country today. Every year, long queues are seen outside the farsan shops across the state, including big cities like Ahmedabad, Surat and Rajkot, to enjoy fafda-jalebi during the Dussehra festival. However this year the Koro epidemic has kept people from celebrating festivals and eating out. Ground report was done by DIVYABHASKAR in Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot and Vadodara and checked what is the atmosphere in metros during Dussehra. It was learned that there were lines of people at many places in Ahmedabad and Surat to take fafda-jalebi. While in Rajkot, people were staying away from jalebi-ganthiya. Rajkot has seen 50 per cent less households. Vadodara has 60 per cent households and fears of a loss of Rs 4 crore, while traders in Surat are estimating sales of Rs 4 crore.

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Line for fafda-jalebi in Ahmedabad, all items sold in packing
. People who come to get fafda and jalebi are being sold with social distance. According to the guideline, the packaged goods are to be sold, in which the fafda and cholaphali are being given by packing. At the same time hot jalebi is being unloaded and packed. The price of fafda is Rs 440 per kg this year, while oil jalebi is being sold at Rs 280 per kg and pure ghee jalebi at Rs 600 per kg. Sales of fafda and jalebi have started from early morning. Shopkeepers are handing out items to people wearing gloves and masks.

In Ahmedabad, fafda-jalebi is being given in packing only

Surat: Dussehra estimates 4 crore fafda-jalebi sales, people
lined up and even amid the Koro epidemic, long queues of customers have been seen at all the farsan shops in the city to buy fafda-jalebi since early morning today. The age-old tradition of Dussehra has continued unabated this year as well. However, traders are saying that this year has seen a decline in consumers compared to last year. 

According to shopkeepers, fafda-jalebi sales are estimated at Rs 4 crore this year. Which was sales of Rs 6-7 crore last year. Security guards have been deployed to ensure compliance with social discrimination in shops amid the Corona epidemic. Peanut oil prices have risen this year. As a result, the price of fafda alone has been increased by Rs 20 per kg.

In Surat, the price of fafda has not been increased and the price of jalebi has not been increased

Surat 15-20 thousand kilograms of song and 20-35 thousand kilograms of pasta sales likely
will Surat Sunil bhajiyavala (shopper) said that today takes approximately 15-20 thousand kilograms of Dussehra festival in Surat song sold 20-35 thousand kilograms of pasta surprising Not to speak. There are about 400 farsan shops in Surat and if we count about 600 people who trade for today, they are going to eat fafda jalebi worth more than 4 crores.

The taste buds of Rajkot have stayed away from jalebi-ganthiya
. A limited number of people were seen shopping at sweet and farsan shops this morning. Due to the Koro epidemic, traders have made only 50 per cent of fafda-jalebi and sweets. Sweets trader Vasudev Somaiya said that sweets have a special significance on the festival. On the day of Dussehra, people especially buy more jalebi-fafda. But in the Corona epidemic we are sitting with the hope of a 50 percent household. Because people are afraid that eating sweets will cause more sore throat. Colds and coughs are more likely to occur. That is why people are afraid to eat. People have started making knots at home.

In Rajkot, on the occasion of Dussehra, there was a decrease in the number of Jalebi-Fafda households

Bharatbhai, owner of Variya Farsan Mart, which has less than 40 per cent households in Rajkot market , said that this year Dussehra has 50 per cent more households than Corona. 50% of people eat less outside and only eat at home. The business has taken a hit. Vallabhbhai, the owner of Sadguru Dairy Farm, said that this year, 40 to 50 per cent of the households are affected by the Corona epidemic. 40 to 50 percent of all items are household. Rajkot has a tasty people so it doesn't matter if there is no income left. There has also been no change in prices.

Sales of jalebi-fafda declined in Vadodara due to corona

About 60 per cent sales of fafda-jalebi in Vadodara this year, estimated loss of Rs 4 crore
During Dussehra, fafda jalebi worth Rs 5 to 6 crore is consumed in Vadodara every year. However, the Koro epidemic has made it difficult for traders in the city to do business worth even Rs 2 crore. Sales of fafda jalebi are lower this time than last year. So traders seem to be losing Rs 3 to 4 crore. 

Mukeshbhai, a farsan trader from Vadodara, said that the price of fafda is Rs 400 and jalebi is Rs 160 per kg. The price of fafad has gone up as items including oil have become more expensive.  Trader Mohanlal said he has targeted sales of fafda-jalebi due to the Koro epidemic. This time around, Fafda-Jalebi is expected to sell 60 per cent more and lose 40 per cent more than last year.

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