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Thursday, 8 October 2020

Bhaskar Explaner:Why is America's MIT superior to India's IIT? JEE Advance's Topper Chirag leaves IIT and chooses MIT, says 'My dream of a Mars mission can come true there'

  • Chirag Fellow wants to do a PhD in Astro-Physics
  • Started study by taking admission to MIT

The result of JEE Advanced for admission in 23 IITs of the country was declared on Monday and in which Chirag Fellow of Pune became the topper by scoring 352 out of 396. Millions of people dream of going to IIT in India, but Chirag has opted for MIT i.e. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, not just one IIT.

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Both good and bad reactions are being seen on social media. 
They are not the first students to do so. Even before this, there is a long list of people who have opted for MIT instead of IIT. Well, we tried to find out from Chirag why he chose MIT? Also got answers on topics that can be important for students preparing for JEE Mains and JEE Advance.

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Why did Chirag choose MIT first?
Chirag says there are two main reasons for choosing MIT. The first reason is that even first-year students at MIT can start research in faculty leadership.
IITs do not have this facility. Another reason is that 95 alumni/faculty members of MIT have received Nobel Prizes in various disciplines, some of whom may have direct contact with professors and the opportunity to study at MIT, not at IIT.

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The subject which was found in MIT, is not found in IIT?
Chirag says he had to take physics. To make a career in astrophysics. I want to go to ISRO or NASA so that I can contribute to the ongoing search on Mars.
All the toppers in IITs choose only computer or electronics. The scope that can be found in Astro-Physics in MIT cannot be found in IIT. In addition, MIT has the best students from all over the world, and it is a great pleasure to study with them.

Is there any other reason for taking admission to MIT?
"It's not just about astrophysics," Chirag said. There are entrance exams of JEE Mains and JEE Advanced, for which admission is obtained in IIT or NIT. This is not the case at MIT. There the overall performance of the students is judged. What and why he wants to do it, how serious he is about his goal, is also taken into account. It is not just a matter of judging by the performance of an exam.

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What to do for admission to MIT?
Chirag further said that one has to apply on, which includes co-curricular activities as well as everything. Based on this, the selection committee scrutinizes. The selected candidates are interviewed and then the final selection for admission takes place. Five to ten students from India go for undergraduate courses.

Why did JEE give advance when an admission in MIT was also done?
Chirag says that this is a tough exam to take part in, which he decided to do four years ago when he was in the ninth standard. Studied hard at a coaching institute and strengthened himself. I would like to say that he will have to try again and again for the JEE Mains who are preparing for JEE Advance. There are different ways to overcome boredom. I used to play chess, I also played table tennis after meals so that I would not feel bored with constant study and could focus on study with a fresh mind.

What is the advice for students preparing for JEE?
All I can say is that I did not use my smartphone while preparing for the exam. Destruction kept very low, but now that everything is being done on zoom or some other tool, it can't be said not to keep a smartphone. All I need to say is remove the distraction. Focus on the study. If you get bored, learn something new on the internet, which is a lot of work for you.

.... What experts have to say
Michael D in Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland in the international magazine Entrepreneur. Digman Chair Anil K. Gupta says that undergraduates everywhere spend most of their time in classrooms and projects, but IIT lags behind when it comes to graduate programs, Ph.D. programs, and faculty research. In a university like MIT, the pressure on the faculty to teach is very low, which gives them a lot of time for research. Most of the
time of teachers in IITs are spent in the classroom. So, IIT-Indore PRO Commander Sunil Kumar says the situation has changed a lot. Research at IITs has
been rapidly increasing over the last few yearsThe focus on it has also increased.

Why behind IIT in the rankings?
A few months ago, seven major IITs (Bombay, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras and Roorkee) decided

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not to participate in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings. For which they also issued a joint statement. He said he did not believe in the transparency of the rankings. The director of IIT Delhi
said last year that if Delhi-NCR has the highest number of tech startups/unicorns, then IIT Delhi has a key role to play. If 14 of the 24 unicorns designed by Indians are
gifts from IIT-Delhi alumni, then we are doing something good.

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