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Monday, 7 September 2020

Unprecedented achievement of Surat: At the age of 11, he built a 72-inch tallest pyramid of 210 plastic glasses.

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Siddhi had been working hard for six months to build the pyramid
A total of 23 floors of plastic glass set a new record
Siddhi Patel of Diamond City Surat has once again made Surat famous by setting his own record in the India Book of Records. At the young age of 11, Siddhi has built a 72-inch, or 6-foot, tallest pyramid using 210 plastic glasses to brighten its name and the city of Surat across India. Siddhi is currently studying in 6th standard. Siddhi has provided the best example of how to use the remaining time creatively in a creative way.

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Used Focus, Concentration and Breathing Techniques
Siddhi had been working hard for six months to build this pyramid of plastic glass. Focus, concentration, and breathing techniques were used. Siddhi has set a new record by making a total of 23 floors of plastic glass. After 15 floors, it happens that due to a little bit of air, due to the speed of breathing, due to someone passing by, the balance of the plastic glass will continue to become a distorted pyramid. However, due to its micro-observation skill, its clarity also increased as to what caused the pyramid to fall. And gradually he saw that breathing control was very necessary. He has made this his dream come true by studying the breathing technique.

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Siddhi provides the best example of how to use the remaining time creatively while studying.
The name of the city shone all over India
In the month of April, in the 2 minutes Innovative Video Competition of 'Covid 19' from the Government of Gujarat, two subjects in which 'stay home stay safe' and 'how to boost immunity' also achieved first place in the whole of Gujarat.

 At the young age of 11, Siddhi has made the name of his parents, family, society, school, and city shine all over India. Every child has creative power.

 Siddhi's mother is an Ayurvedic Marma Dab specialist. She has a Miracle Clinic. She is also a sacrament counselor and writer.

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Siddhi's father was an automobile engineer
Siddhi's father Tarunbhai is an automobile engineer. His company name is Tarun Motors. Achieving this small achievement proved that success does not require age but strong morale. Lovers have sent best wishes to the family that will achieve more in the years to come and brighten the name of Surat and the country. Along with this, Surat Mayor Jagdish Patel also sent good wishes through a video call.

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