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Monday, 7 September 2020

Should Navratri be celebrated this time or not? Find out what's in Surat's mood, the big bang in the online survey

Hello friends, why are you here today, and what will be the Navratri for you today?

Amidst the Koro crisis, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the Navratri festival next October. The Navratri festival, which is yet to start from October 16, is gaining momentum among the players. While the common people have fallen into two parts. According to an online survey conducted by two professors from Surat, 21.89 percent of people voted in favor of Navratri planning and 51.89 percent of people voted not to allow Navratri planning for the current year due to the Koro epidemic.

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Amit Shah and Lalit Tank, two professors from MBA College, Bhagwan Mahavir University, Surat, conducted an interesting study through an online survey to know the mood of the people of Surat on the issue of Navratri planning and Parva celebrations. In which Surat residents want to celebrate Navratri through social networking site or not? If yes, then the reason and no, then the reason, as well as suggestions on the yes-no issue were asked.

 The online survey was conducted by 482 people from various sectors including schools, colleges, public life, corporate organizations, co-operative government organizations and they gave their views.

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According to Professor Amit Shah, it took days for online surveys and data analysis on Navratri planning. Meanwhile, 26.5 percent out of 482 people were found to be unclear about Navratri planning. He voted to celebrate with family at home instead of at public events. While 51.89 percent of people were of the opinion that they would not celebrate enough this year due to fear and caution of Koro transition. He also said that Navratri's planning was not approved by the government this year. In addition, 21.89 people were keen and favored allowing the celebration of Navratri with caution.

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Suggestions from the people of Surat regarding the celebration and planning of Navratri

- Allowing celebration planning on the condition of social distance. If possible. So a limited number of attendees can be ordered.

- In view of the transition of Koro this year, special care should be taken not to have any programs including breakfast or get-together in Navratri planning.

- Virtual Navratri recipe can also be tried, arranging that other people besides Khelaiya can also connect through video calling.

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- If Navratri is celebrated during the Koro period, people will get a stress free environment due to music and Garba. A positive attitude will be cultivated.

- A yoga program can also be held for 20 to 30 minutes during Navratri celebrations this year. Due to which people become aware of yoga.

- During Navratri celebrations, preference should be given to snacks, foods that boil and boost the immune system.

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