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Friday, 4 September 2020

Report: Gujarat jails have more educated inmates than uneducated, some graduates and some engineers

Hello friends, today I have brought news for you and this news is from Gujarat and this news has been written on the prisoners in Gujarat jails.

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In-state jails, 268 inmates have graduated and 108 inmates have graduated.
There are currently 5179 inmates in the jail who have studied below standard 10
Incidents including murder, theft, robbery, and misdemeanors are on the rise in the state. Prisoners who carried out such incidents in different jails of the state are serving their sentences. According to figures released by the National Crime Bureau in 2019, the total number of inmates in state jails includes graduates, engineers, and postgraduates. Someone who is currently serving a prison sentence for a crime.

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The number of uneducated educated prisoners increased
According to a report by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), the number of uneducated educated inmates in Gujarat jails is higher. Prisoners, including graduates, engineers, and postgraduates, are serving sentences for various crimes. There are 268 graduates in the state jails as well as 108 postgraduates. Also, 9799 prisoners are under trial. Then 5179 prisoners are educated below standard 10. At the same time, there are 1631 inmates in the jail who have completed Std 10 and less than graduation. Then there are 442 graduate, 150 technical degree-diploma, 213 postgraduate prisoners.

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Facilities including open university for the education of prisoners
At present, various study courses are being run in the jails of Gujarat with the help of Open University for imparting education to the inmates, due to which many inmates have obtained degrees while in jail. Examinations are held regularly at this university every year and inmates take part in the examinations. Most of the accused are serving sentences for murder and kidnapping.

What steps did Gujarat's jails take during the Koro period?
The jail authorities have also imposed necessary restrictions to protect 13,000 inmates in 25 jails in Gujarat from the epidemic. Face-to-face visits, in-house tiffins as well as face-to-face court appearances have been curtailed and video conferencing has been introduced. The prison is constantly being sprayed with the drug.

 Corona isolation ward has been set up at Sabarmati Jail. Medical teams are being assisted to maintain the health of the inmates as well as various organizations for enhancing the immunity power. Every new inmate in the state jail including Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and Vadodara is first scanned and their body temperature is checked. The state jails have a total staff of 93 doctors. Prisoners and prison soldiers are constantly scanned by masks as well as prison staff.

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Demand for re-use masks made by jail inmates at Rs
Inmates in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and Vadodara jails are making cotton masks. Prison masks are selling for just Rs. Masks for the needs of the citizens are now being sold from the jail store at Sabarmati after the commencement of making masks for the jail staff and inmates, the jail authorities said.

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