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Saturday, 26 September 2020

Nitin Patel's Big Statement Whether Navratri Will Happen Or Not

 Hello friends, how are you? How are you preparing for Navratri? Today I have brought you the news of Navratri. Below is all the information. You will find all the information below.

Deputy CM Nitin Patel today issued a statement saying that there is a dilemma as to whether Navratri will be held in Khelaiyya in the near future due to the Koro epidemic. 

On the Navratri issue, Nitin Patel said that the state government was considering planning for Navratri.  After Nitin Patel's statement today, it seems that the state government may give permission for Navratri even among Corona.

On the issue of Navratri, Nitin Patel further said that the Navratri country of Gujarat is known in the world. Even in the state, sailors are eagerly waiting for Navratri. Even among the corona, people are said to be eager to play Navratri. Garba of Gujarat has a prominent identity in the world. Patel further said that it was necessary to stop the transmission of corona in the state at present.

You will find information in Gujarati from the link given below to read the information in Gujarati here.

Read All Details In Gujarati
On the issue of opening schools in the state from September 21, Nitin Patel also said in his statement. He said the Centre's guideline for running schools is still not clear. Corona does not see the party, race, or region.

134 crore works of Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation were inaugurated by Union Home Minister Amit Shah. The Deputy Chief Minister was present in the program at Rupal village and has given explanations regarding Navratri planning and opening of schools in the state.

Regarding the planning of Navratri in the state, Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said in an important statement that the state government would consider the planning of Navratri. The planning of Garba is religious along with the festival. The guidelines of the Center and the Supreme will be studied. Will study and consider the planning of Garba.

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