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Saturday, 5 September 2020

Make the future of the wife safe by opening an account in this scheme of Modi government, there will be big income every month

Hello friends, this is a good and beneficial plan for women and all the information about this news is given below in the area.

Make the future of the wife safe by opening an account in this scheme of the Modi government, there will be big income every month

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How to safe the future of your wife
Many families have only one earner. If this is the case in your family and your wife is a housewife, there is little to worry about. One question that always comes to mind is how will the housework if you are not in the future? At the same time, you may want to make your spouse self-reliant as a regular income will come in your absence.

You can make your spouse self-sufficient by investing in the National Pension Scheme. If you don't want your spouse to depend on anyone for money in the future, you can arrange regular income for your wife.

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Open a new pension system account in the wife's gameplan
You can open a New Pension System (NPS) account in your spouse's name. An NPS account will pay your spouse a large sum upon reaching the age of 60. He will also get regular income in the form of a pension every month. With an NPS account, you can also specify how much pension your spouse will receive each month. This means that your wife will not be dependent on anyone for money after the age of 60.

It is easy to invest in NPSYou can deposit Rs. Every month or every year in the NPS account at your convenience. He can open an NPS account in his wife's name even for Rs.1000. Under the new rules, you can run an NPS account until you are 65 years old.

Possible monthly income of up to 45 thousand examples, your wife is 30 years old and you invest Rs 5,000 per month in her NPS account. If you get a 10 percent annual return on investment, he will have a total of Rs 1.12 crore in his account at the age of 60. He will get about Rs 45 lakh in it. In addition, you will get a pension of around Rs 45,000 per month. This pension will be given to them for life.
Find out how much pension you will get
Age - 30 years
Total investment duration - 30 years
Monthly Contribution - Rs
Estimated return on investment - 10%

Below is the link for you to read in Gujarati.

Total Pension Funds at Maturity - Rs. 1,11,98,471 can be withdrawn.
Amount to purchase 44,79,388 annuity plan.
67,19,083 Estimated annuity 8%
Monthly Pension - Rs. 44,793.

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