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Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Gaya Tirtha: Vishnupada temple has footprints of Lord Vishnu since Satyug, this temple is made of Kasauti stone

The temple was repaired by Empress Ahilya in the 18th century
In Gaya, Bihar, there is a temple built on the footprints of Lord Vishnu. Which is called the Vishnupada temple.

It is also known as Dharma Shila. It is believed that seeing the footprints of Lord Vishnu after the tarpon of the fathers removes the pain and the fathers are satisfied. These footprints are adorned with red sandalwood. Mattresses, wheels, conch shells are made on it. This tradition has been going on in the temple for many years.

 The temple is located on the west bank of the river Falgu. According to a few scriptures, Dharmavatta Shila was brought from Dharmapuri to stabilize the demon Gyasur on earth. Which was placed on Gayasur and Lord Vishnu pressed it under his feet? Then there are the footprints of God on this rock.

 It is believed that Vishnupada is the only place in the world where the feet of Lord Vishnu can be seen.

The temple is made of Kasauti stone: -
The Vishnupada temple is made of gold-plated stone Kasauli, which was brought from a stone quarry in the northern part of the district. The height of this temple is about one hundred feet.

The meeting pavilion has 44 pillars. Of the 54 altars, 19 are in Vishnupada, where the pendant is performed for the salvation of the fathers. Perdana is done here throughout the year. Here, by the touch of Lord Vishnu's footprint, man is freed from all sins.

Aranya Van became Sitakund: -
Sitakunda is located on the east bank of the river Falgu in front of the Vishnupada temple. Here Mother Sita herself donated the body of Maharaj Dasharatha.

According to Gajadhar Lal Pathak, secretary of the managing committee, the place was known as Aranya Van Jungle in ancient times.

Lord Shriram, along with mother Sita, came to donate Pind to Maharaj Dasharatha. Since Mother Sita offered sand Hindu water to Maharaj Dasharatha, it is important to give sand pines here.

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Repaired in the 18th century:
There is also a 50 kg gold Kalash and a 50 kg gold flag on top of the Vishnupada temple. The sanctum sanctorum has a 50 kg silver umbrella and a 50 kg silver Asht Pahal, inside which the foot slippers of Lord Vishnu are seated.

Apart from this, the east gate of the sanctum sanctorum is made of silver. There, the length of Lord Vishnu's feet is about 40 centimeters. It may be mentioned that the temple was repaired by Maharani Ahilyabai in the 18th century, but the footsteps of Lord Vishnu have been here since the Satyug period.

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