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Monday, 28 September 2020

Dr. Android Mobile Issue And MAster apps for mobile android solution

Hello you have found the app useful and useful here and below is all its information and share this information with more people.

You will also find information on many applications here and with this application, you will also find information on many applications here and you will also find information on various applications and work and government applications here. 

Starting from automating daily tasks, approaches that reduce efforts, tricks which help to utilize smart way inefficient manner, etc are shown in text & video format to understand in a better way.

Not just a phone, learn using your Android device as a real SMART phone. The best part is you can use this app in offline mode also

When there is any defect in the phone, take him to the service center. Here you also have to spend heavily. In such a situation, if you check yourself before giving a call in the service center, what is wrong with it, will save both your time and money. 

For this, you can take the help of some applications. Also, while buying an old phone, you can also know with the help of these applications what are the problems on the phone. Next, we are giving you information about five such applications which will give you information about the problem available on the phone.

1.Phone Doctor Plus - Phone Doctor Plus

With the help of this application, you can easily know what is the problem on the phone. Its specialty is that it will give you information about every part and component of the phone. Also, this app is capable of testing 30 hardware items and sensors. Apart from this, by using this you can check not only the problem of the phone but also the earphone and microphone and also know about the problem present in them. Android phone users can download the Phone Doctor Plus app for free from the Google Play Store.

2. Test Your Android - Test Your Android

If you are buying an old phone, then definitely use this app. Through this, you can know that there is some problem with the phone you are buying. In the Test Your Android application you can check not only the phone battery, screen, or camera but also the sound, flashlight, touch screen, microphone, wifi, GPS, and almost all parts of the phone to see if there is any defect in them. The Test Your Android application is available for free download on the Google Play Store.

3. Phone Health Check and Test - TestM- Smartphone Condition Check & Quality Report Phone Health Check and Test

Using this application you can fully check your phone that there is a problem in its part. In this, you can get the complete information of the phone, including the phone's model number, brand, product, serial number, display, operating system, RAM, camera, screen, and internal storage. This application is also available for free downloading on the Google Play Store.

4. Phone Tester - Phone Tester

This application will help you to check the complete information of your phone, which includes hardware and software, besides the general information of the phone. Also, the guarantee of the phone and its manufacturing date, serial number, EMEI can also be checked. You can also know how old the phone is by using the phone tester. It is also available on the Google Play Store with free downloading.

Phone Doctor Plus - Apk

5. Test My Android Phone - Test My Android Phone

If you want to check the hardware of your Android phone then you can use this application. In this, you will get the facility of GPS tester, Bluetooth tester, camera tester, and sound tester. After this, you can know if there is any problem with your phone. Consumers can download the Test My Android phone from the Google Play Store for free.

You will also find job news and study material here with this app.

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