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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Assembly by-election announcement:Gujarat by-elections for 8 and 16 MP seats announced, polls on November 3 and counting of votes on November 10


  • The main political parties BJP and Congress have also started a series of meetings in earnest
  • With Kamal Scindia and 22 Congress MLAs joining the BJP, the Kamal Nath government fell in Madhya Pradesh in 15 months.

Eight vacant Gujarat Assembly seats and 16 Madhya Pradesh by-elections have been announced today. Gujarat's eight-seat by-election has been announced amid the Corona epidemic. Voting for the by-elections in both the states will be held on November 3 and counting of votes will be held on November 10. Gujarat's main political party BJP and Congress have also started a series of meetings in earnest.

9 OctoberThe declaration will come out
16 OctoberLast day to fill out subscription form
17 OctoberVerification of subscription form
19 OctoberThe subscription form can be withdrawn
November 3Voting
10 NovemberCounting of votes

From which seat did the MLA resign?
During the Rajya Sabha elections in March, Pradyuman Singh, J.V. from the Congress' Abdasa, Dhari, Gadda, Dang and Limbdi seats respectively. Kakadia, Praveen Maru, Mangal Gavit, Somabhai Patel resigned. Then in June, Akshay Patel of Karjan, Jitu Chaudhary of Kaprada seat and Brijesh Merja of Morbi seat resigned. Thus 8 seats have been vacated in two phases.

Congress has handed over the responsibility of selecting candidates to the leaders per
seat. By-elections are to be held in these eight seats of Gadha, Limbdi, Dang, Dhari, Karjan, Morbi, Abadsa, and Kaprada. The Congress had earlier won these eight seats. As a result, Congress is searching for competent candidates for these seats. Responsibility for this was assigned to the leaders per seat, a list of the primary three names of which has been sent to the High Command.

The Congress's strategy on issues including poverty, inflation, and corruption
has undermined the performance of the present BJP government at the Center in Gujarat and at present. On the one hand, the by-election strategy is being prepared by the Congress keeping in view the people's grievances over poverty, inflation, corruption and unemployment. Opposition to the agriculture law passed by the central government has sparked nationwide protests. Under such circumstances, the Congress is gearing up to win more and more seats.

Candidates for five of the eight seats
were called for a meeting at Kamalam by mostly BJP leaders, in which village-to-village beds will be held regarding the agriculture bill. These meetings will result in a campaign by the Congress against the BJP government. So the candidates for five of the eight seats in the Assembly are largely unconcerned, while a list of names for the remaining seats has been prepared.

in 28 seats of Madhya Pradesh By-elections of 28 seats of Madhya Pradesh have been announced. The Election Commission has decided the program of by-elections for 56 seats. Polling for 28 seats in Madhya Pradesh will be held on November 3. The election results will come on November 10th. While October 16 will be the last date to fill the subscription letter. By-elections in Madhya Pradesh were not announced at the time of Bihar election dates. The Election Commission then said that a decision on the by-elections would be taken at its meeting on September 29.

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In the Madhya Pradesh by-elections, the BJP is fighting to retain its power and Congress leader Kamal Nath to regain the power he lost six months ago. The credibility of Jyotiraditya Scindia, who quit the Congress and joined the BJP in this by-election, is at stake, as the 28-seat by-election is being held, with 16 seats in Scindia's Gwalior-Chambal constituency.

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